The theological: "At the PR and BYuT union the lion's share of voices of Yanukovych will be mine"

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Inna Bogoslovskaya is sure that in case of the agreement of Party of Regions and BYuT for Victor Yanukovych at presidential election it will get the lion's share of voices.

On the remark in interview to the magazine "Focus" about that going on presidential election it becomes the competitor rather to a Yanukovych, than Yulia Timoshenko. Theological I answered:

"It not so. Actually, if there is an agreement between BYuT and Party of Regions, I am convinced that I will have a lion's share of voices of Yanukovych. It will be people who won't forgive party that their interests leave where - that aside".

At the same time, the deputy noticed that she doesn't have a reason to climb on an electoral field of Party of Regions, "which can be the partner at the following parliamentary elections".

"We will need to create the coalition because with this parliament to sense won't be", - she added.

Besides, Theological declared that "according to the latest sociological data of 53% of voters under no circumstances won't vote for the first three - Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Tymoshenko".

"And personally I have a support now the huge. I never spoke about it, I am the command person, but I have the second rating in party", - the deputy emphasized.

On a question, whether confirms its desertion of the party that the ratio of chances of the union of Party of Regions and BYuT which Boris Kolesnikov estimated as 50 on 50, changed towards increase, Theological told:

"Considerably changed. I think that I will be the first person who resolutely leaves party and will tell that the people understood that for it prepare".

"BYuT declared and wrote down it in the program that under no circumstances won't make a coalition with Party of Regions. Now violates this promise. And Yushchenko won't be able already to prevent this disgrace" in any way, - the deputy warned.

On a question of why "Regions" and BYuT didn't agree earlier though negotiations went long ago, Theological told: "Yanukovych was the main factor of cancelled arrangements".

"At me if it is honest, a huge number of claims to it because in some situations it could arrive more resolutely. While he intuitively understands that it can't be done. But if it break, we will receive it.Now he is a hostage, certainly. It is game against it. I am convinced of it", - she added.


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