The governor of the Nikolaev area considers that he is "Elephant", and mass media which write about it mucks – "Pugs" from the known fable

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On taken place today, on May 27, a body - a press - conferences of the chairman Nikolayevskaya YEAHAlexey Garkushuasked as personally it reacts to attacks against it and his families, appearing in local mass media. About it reports mukola.

- I try to meet journalists that they had an opportunity to ask any questions and to receive any information quite often. Then how it is given, it is possible to agree, it is possible to disagree. But when there is simply "a douche by dirt", I try not to pay to it attention. After all when you go down the street, and the doggie barks at you, you don't take offense at it, both went, and went, let to yourself barks. Approximately so I treat situations and information where there are no real facts and there is no desire to receive objective and reliable information. In all other cases I recognize the right for a mistake, including for journalists. I am not a judge, and I am not going to be him. And I don't make to journalists more claim, than to myself or someone else - happens, I too am mistaken. What conclusions I draw is already other question. But among journalists I have no enemies, I have with all normal relations, - answeredAlexey Garkusha.

From "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT": Words of the governor of the Nikolaev areaAlexey Garkushato call into question is more useless. Therefore we will consider thatAlexey NikolaevichI spoke sincerely.

It turns out thatAlexey Garkusha's subordinates "wanted to spit" on a position of the governor.The governor declares that he is open for communication with mass media, and the head a press - services which on the functional duties and has to provide trouble-free access to information, all the actions lets know the return. On actions in which the first person of area takes part, it is simple - напросто, "forgets" to invite. On a press - conferences with participation of the governor, for the unclear reasons, access is open only subjects mass media which are chosen a press - service.

What it is amateur performance of the head a press - services or instructions of the governor about which he modestly decided to keep silent? Very often it is necessary to face that the head the press - services Nikolaev YEAH can't give any not that distinct, at least any comment. The learned phrase that he on the matter doesn't know anything, already fairly bothered.

Now technical progress uncontrollably goes forward therefore we will dare to advise Alexey Nikolaevich, to put an answering machine which will be able to provide much more information, than the present head a press - services. And the economy will be for the budget.


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