Tymoshenko clears away places in the government under "shirka"?

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Dismissal of ministers from "our Ukraine" and a presidential quota, probably, has to exempt potential positions for the wide coalition of Party of Regions and BYuT, the political scientist Vadim Karasyov considers.

He declared it the night before on air of the 5th channel.

Also the political scientist suggested that thus "the prime minister - the minister concentrates all power in the hands".

"There is a real scandal in Frankfurt am Main ( with participation of the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko ) also there are far-fetched scandals which are used by the guide of the government to certain reasons", - Karasyov told.

"It is necessary to look for the guilty of a situation of a precatastrophic economic state. Oligarchs can't be touched before elections, and already on these elections the subject of fight against oligarchs won't be fashionable. And it is necessary that was guilty. These are officials, carriers of skins about which already I spoke to Tymoshenko", - he noted.

"New strategy of CREWE is about it formed. It is such auditing oprichnina the prime minister - the minister. It is interesting to look that far-fetched scandals concern more ministers or from "our Ukraine", or from a presidential quota", - the political scientist emphasized.

"If to take scandal with Ekhanurov - Tymoshenko promised transition to contract army, it isn't present. The minister is guilty. Everything, is removed a question of election pledges, their realization", - Karasyov told.

He considers that "scandal with Ekhanurov sideline the second minister of a presidential quota, and respectively, and the president". "And the political system is transformed to the premier... Don't take new ministers - well and it isn't necessary. There will be first deputy ministers", - the expert noted.

Making comments on the decree of the president about dismissal of the deputy head of the secretariat the president Roman Bessmertny, he told: "It is dismissed with transition to party work. It went to work to "our Ukraine" and to restore the political force of "NSNU".

Karasyov considers that Immortal "will concentrate on party construction, and Vera Ulyanchenko (the head of the secretariat of the president) will supervise this process, but not to direct".

It is known that in parliament drafts of resolutions are registeredabout dismissal of the Minister of Defence Yury Ekhanurov and the vice-the prime minister Ivan Vasyunik.


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