Alexey Garkusha declared that he doesn't see special problems in resort zones and doesn't "lobby" firm of the daughter

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The governor of the Nikolaev area doesn't see today big problems with preparation for the beginning of a resort season in the recreation areas located in the Berezansky area, and in particular in Koblevo.

Nowadays providing resort services, unlike former times, is private business which, in principle, has to be interested in involvement of vacationers. By wordsAlexey Garkusha, the joint allowing commission which makes more rigid demands to objects of resort business because along with the bases providing services by the vacationer at sufficient level, exist and "brown lodges" in which it is frequent already works and water isn't present. It poses a certain threat for all 25-50 thousand vacationers in the sanitary plan.

As for new conveniences to health-resort visitors, about 40 percent of foot pass 6 meters wide along a beach in Koblevo are already constructed. And motor transport which rushes, without looking at pedestrians, the governor suggests to control to employees of Berezansky forestry, instead of the regional authorities, and the more so, not the regional. The buses bringing people from other regions, have to wait for the end of "arrivals" on the equipped parking. "And that today even on beaches drive on jeeps".

Private business is interested in establishing order not less, than the authorities, the governor considers. Today 3-4 million hryvnias of receipts in the regional budget from recreation areasKoblevo and Rybakovki- it isn't enough. Such receipts could be and from one base, considersAlexey Garkusha, therefore private resort business has to be reorganized. In the interests.

AlsoAlekey GarkushaI commented on hearings soaring in the city that the Berezansky district state administration made the decision on new rules of transportation of passengers to recreation facilities only two types of minibuses, and, in favor of the "related" governor of firm - a carrier"Alan - a techno":

- Today to a familyGarkushaall "bind", even garage any. I once again repeat that had no, I have no and I won't have any relation to any municipal property, as well as my family.The daughter as had 3-4 routes in Nikolaev, so they and remained. Also believe, considering my status, at their desire could be more. I don't interfere with its business.


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