Regional trademark "It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina": pros and cons" <<<<<<

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Yesterday in Regional торгово - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area passed meeting of a round table on the subject "Possible Mechanisms of Advance of Goods of the Nikolaev Enterprises".

The head of department of the perspective directions of development of the Nikolaev Chamber of Commerce and Industry Larisa Gorokhova acquainted participants of a round table with the offer of creation of the It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina trademark as which initiator the chamber acted.

The local producer has difficulties in the report of the production to the consumer in the conditions of the free market, has no sufficient means for advance of own trademark. "We suggest to develop the trademark thanks to which local production would become evident and drew attention. The Nikolaev producers are lost in the lump though have good traditions", - Larisa Gorokhova noted.

Besides,LarisaGeorgiyevna noted that big advantage of goods of local producers that it is easier to control their quality.

It is supposed that local producers in a voluntary order will be able to buy a right to use the It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina trademark from the Nikolaev Chamber of Commerce and Industry after the goods will pass all necessary quality checks and examinations of documents. This trademark will be provided with broad information support and advertizing.

As the president торгово noted - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area Sergey Vlasenko, often inspections of supermarkets by a sanepidemstantion, managements of veterinary medicine, protection of the rights of consumers began to be carried out recently: "It isn't necessary to do of supermarkets enemies, they need to be done by partners. We suggest to analyse the range in supermarkets, to define a quota for local producers - 15-20%. It also will allow to create not less than 10 new workplaces in each trade place, will provide receipts in the local budget".

If supermarkets - network sales managers from other regions which taxes pay there, don't understand intention of local government regarding support of the Nikolaev producers, local councils are ready to lift several times a payment for the earth, according to Sergey Vlasenko.

In turn the deputy chief of the Nikolaev regional management concerning protection of the rights of consumers Irina Tsygan noted that expenses of the producer on acquisition of the trademark will cause goods rise in price that will lay down on shoulders of the buyer.

Trademark cost, according to Sergey Vlasenko, will be coordinated with local governments. "Each company when will weigh, whether to pay to a supermarket for entry into a network or to advance the trademark, will understand that advantage of our trademark is available as the sum of expenses incommensurable", - Vlasenko answered.

Establishment of quotas of goods of local producers in supermarkets the chairman of the Nikolaev territorial office of antimonopoly committee of Ukraine Yury Drobilko called illegal: "Quotas are illegal, moreover, these norms can't be executed. It would be better if the size of this quota developed thanks to other levers - it is necessary to make that our production was qualitative, competitive".

Sergey Vlasenko noted that introduction of the trademark and quotas is one of anti-recessionary measures. Crisis will once end, and the period in 2 years suitable for check of payback of goods: it or will become stronger in the market, or will leave from it. The quota voluntary, a supermarket can agree on it, and the heavy land tax can pay.

The chairman of the Nikolaev regional labor union of workers of small and medium business Elena Gerasimchuk stated doubt that small business will be able to cover such market sizes: "our production slowly "goes out". Anybody in recent years didn't help small business. It is necessary to support business throughout all cycle, beginning from production that then under this trademark the low-quality product" wasn't palmed off.

The representative of JSC Omega Vladimir Stepanov brought up a question of distribution companies and noted that besides supermarkets there are more many retail small points where production of local producers could be implemented. Besides, a big problem, according to him, now is that supermarkets detain payment for bought production.

Sergey Vlasenko answered it that, according to statistical data, commodity turnover of supermarkets more than 40% therefore they were given preference, also they have big land areas that allows to use a land tax as a control lever.

The representative of Shopping Center Yuzhny Bug Elizabeth Briyenkova reported that commodity turnover volume in supermarkets of 9%. 91% of commodity turnover are a linear retail (the markets, booths, shops).

"The idea is interesting, but is pure as a platform to understand that the buyer wants. Besides, goods with the It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina trademark won't receive such reduction in cost as приват - labels of other networks - "Veres", "Buffet reception", "Subway" and so on", - were told by Elizabeth Briyenkova. According to her, goods of local producers so are rather widely presented in "the Southern Bug". The supermarket is ready to provide a floor space under production with the It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina trademark but if these goods aren't on sale, next month it won't be ordered.

"Under this brand the distribution company has to be created, someone has to carry out logistics. Supermarkets need 1 person with whom they can work according to this trademark", - Elizabeth Briyenkova added.

And here the representative of department of development of business of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies noted that concerning what leverage to use on supermarkets, it is necessary to think still - or it will be regulated by a land tax, or other preferences.

In 10 days the next meeting of the working group under the chairmanship of vice-the governor Valery Topikhi where representatives of regional management of economy enter, "Nikolayevstandartmetrologiya", regional SES, management on protection of the rights of consumers on which once again will discuss the It Is Made in Nikolayevshchina trademark will take place, considering offers and the wishes stated today during meeting of a round table by representatives of various spheres and the organizations.


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