Onishchuk advises to treat the power changes to the Constitution

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The Minister of Justice Nikolay Onishchuk is convinced that changes are necessary for stabilization of branches of the power in the Constitution.

"The operating system of the organization of the power as it is provided by the Constitution, in itself acts as an instability factor", - he noted on air Radio "Svoboda".

"It is necessary to treat at least system of the organization of the power, and to achieve it without modification of the Constitution it is impossible", - the minister declared.

Onishchuk assumed that the conclusion of the Venetian commission of rather presidential project of changes in the Constitution will be positive in the basis.

"When it is a question of the general assessment of that model of the organization of the power which is offered by the president", - he noted and reminded that "it is a question of development and improvement of system of balances".

"This doctrine is defining when it is a question of an assessment of model of the organization of the power offered by the president", - the minister emphasized.

According to Onishchuk, at the heart of this system of control of counterbalances there is a parliament dvukhpalatnost.

"The upper house is responsible for formation of all system of bodies in the state and their functioning, except the government, and the Lower house which is body of political representation, that is there first of all political parties are presented, carries out legislative activity and forms the government and is responsible for its activity", - he added.

On the remark that the public negatively perceives idea of a two-chamber parliament, Onishchuk objected: "Most likely that politicians hastened to deny expediency of these constitutional changes, and they considerably form public opinion as they on television, they on radio, listen to them".

"You understand that from those conversations which I, by the way, had with citizens in such everyday life, the idea of a dvukhpalatnost actually is perceived as positive. Simply not enough explanatory work is carried out", - he assured.

According to Onishchuk, in case of acceptance of changes in the Constitution which offer to elect the president in parliament, the present structure of the Verkhovna Rada will have to go for early elections.

"Among this mandate of powers of the right of this Verkhovna Rada to elect the president isn't present", - the Minister of Justice emphasized.


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