Yushchenko before a meeting with Medvedev once again stated gas "фе"

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The president Victor Yushchenko considers that deformation of the relations of Ukraine and Russia in the gas sphere had a political context.

He expressed such opinion in interview "To the independent newspaper".

On a question, whether are connected, in his opinion, events in the gas sphere with presidential election in Ukraine, Yushchenko answered: "I would tell that deformation of the relations in this sensitive sphere had a political context".

According to him, Ukraine and Russia need to discuss at last market price of the Russian gas and the market principles of formation of transit policy.

"In the summer of last year the prime minister - ministers of Ukraine and the Russian Federation assumed synchronous transition to market price of gas and of services in transit. But in December the Russian side refused this principle. At least so the situation is perceived in Ukraine", - Yushchenko told.

Thus he noted that Yulia Timoshenko and Vladimir Putin is a lot of nuances discussed confidentially and their arrangements, probably, weren't recorded on paper, but probably became in a certain degree base for further creation of the relations in the gas sphere.

"And so, in January decisions which are unacceptable for me neither with political, nor from the economic point of view" were made, - Yushchenko declared.

It proved the position that Ukraine agreed on market price of gas, but didn't establish market price of transit.

"However the Ukrainian party at negotiations, being guided, obviously, first of all by political reasons, I left the cost of the service in transit at the level of three-year prescription. To what it led? To that already in the first quarter transit of the Russian gas became unprofitable for us", - the president noted.

Also Yushchenko noted that the Ukrainian party gave guarantees of purchase of volumes of gas for 10 years forward and didn't receive a guarantee of volumes of transit for the same 10 years.

"What to do with the gas transmission system how to upgrade it, on what to count - on 100-120 billions cubic meter of transit how was in recent years, or on 180 billions, or perhaps on 5 billions? Consequences of this uncertainty are dangerous to economic interests not only Ukraine, but also Russia, and Europe. So serious policy in the sphere of the gas relations isn't under construction", - Yushchenko declared.

"I insist on two principles which have to be put in formation of tariffs, prices, system of calculations, guarantees of deliveries and consumption, - synchronism and symmetry. Without it it is possible to argue who won slightly more who is slightly less. But the fact is that Ukraine and Russia lost, at least in the opinion of Europe. At us never was such debalanced gas relations as now", - the president declared.

"The independent newspaper" notes that the first meeting of presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Victor Yushchenko can take place next week in Sankt - Petersburg within the international economic forum.


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