Governor's chairs "will smooth out" from people of Balogi?

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Next week governors who are considered as Victor Balogi's proteges, will have interview in the secretariat of the president by results of which them can dismiss.

According to sources "Affairs", the head Hersonskaya, Hmelnitsky, Sumy, Ternopol and Rivnensky areas are invited to a meeting with new chapter of the presidential secretariat of the president by Vera Ulyanchenko.

Acquaintance with new approaches in secretariat work with heads of areas is called as an official occasion. Actually with the governors which appointment was lobbied by the former head of the Secretariat Victor Balogoy, will conduct interview by results of which the decision on their dismissal can be made.

"If they (governors) don't find a common ground with Ulyanchenko, they will be dismissed", - tells a source in presidential office. According to its information, the meeting with each head will be separately held.

Round some governor's chairs fight already began. In particular, informal competition started in Hmelnitsky area where the governor is the party member "the Uniform Center" Ivan Gavchuk. Among wishing to occupy its chair call Vitaly Oluyko, the member of People's party, the protege speaker Litvin. Oluyko already visited once a chair of the governor Hmelnitchina.

"It could work, but in Khmelnytsky there are some more people - members of "our Ukraine" who have good chances", - Lytvyna Vasily Shpak specifies нардеп from Blok. According to him, for a position not against to be overcome ex-the governor, the present deputy head of the Public tax administration Alexander Bukhanevich and Khmelnytsky's present head of a regional council Ivan Gladunyak.

At the same time Gavchuk's deputy Victor Kolishchak assures that the regional state administration "works in a normal mode and pressure yet doesn't feel".

Gavchuk admitted that already got acquainted with Ulyanchenko on one of meetings. A question of when personal appointment with the head of the secretariat is made to it, he answered: "It is better to ask it it". At the same time Gavchuk refused to answer a question, whether he is going to leave ranks of "the Uniform Center".

Besides, there is unconfirmed information on a desertion of the party of Balogi of head of the Kherson area Boris Silenkov. The head of executive committee of the Kherson office of "ETs" Svetozar Dorofeyev declared that conversations on Silenkov's desire to return in pro-presidential "our Ukraine" - provocation.

Except governors - members of "ETs", serious conversation with Ulyanchenko expects also the governor of Ternopolshchina Yury Chizhmarya, Sumshchina - Nikolay Lavrik and Rivnenshchina - Victor Matchuk.

Чижмарь, making comments on the forthcoming conversation with Ulyanchenko, only I hinted that you shouldn't connect it with Balogoy, after all for the last year to it different parties suggested to join the ranks.


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