Alexy II urged to finish oppression orthodox in Ukraine

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The patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II noted development of dialogue of the Russian orthodox and Rimsko - Catholic churches, but thus declared existing problems, such as Greco's actions - Catholics in Ukraine.

"It would be desirable to see long-awaited progress in a question of Greco's relation - Catholics to orthodox in those regions of the Western Ukraine where followers of the union make the numerical majority. Unfortunately, we don't observe positive dynamics in this question, and representatives of initial Orthodoxy in most cases continue to experience oppressions from Greco - a Catholic environment", - the patriarch emphasized.

Alexy II declared inadmissibility of attempts of the Ukrainian politicians to interfere with internal affairs of orthodox church.

"Split of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy arose owing to invasion of political elements into church life", - the patriarch declared.

He noted that the state can't remain indifferent to opposition in society on the religious soil, to menacing public order, having added that concern about situation in the Ukrainian Orthodoxy expressed during meetings with it the President and the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine.

"Dividing their concern, I in return firmly declared inadmissibility of intervention of politicians in church affairs", - the patriarch noted.

Meanwhile, in his opinion, government bodies could help permission of crisis situations, for example, promoting execution of decisions of the courts about return of the Ukrainian orthodox church of the temples seized at it.

At the same time the patriarch declared that any attempts of mechanical association of initial Ukrainian church with dissenters without repentance of the last are doomed to a failure. "The God's people won't support such artificially created church, and in Ukraine the new round of the conflicts between brothers on belief" will begin, - Alexy II noted.

The patriarch reported that to him the set of addresses from bishops, clergymen and laymen from all Ukraine who are concerned "by pressure in favor of the autocephaly, put upon the Ukrainian orthodox church" arrives, and ask to protect church unity which they value and are ready to defend even in the most difficult circumstances.

In conditions of "incessant furious attacks" dissenters and nationalists of the Ukrainian church, according to Alexy II, "special courage is required fearlessly to defend initial foundations of church unity".

"And all of us are urged to support our brothers in their feat. They show fearlessness, being on a first line of fight for Orthodoxy, for church unity", - the head of Russian Orthodox Church noted.


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