The governor of Zakarpatye was going to have legal proceedings with Tymoshenko for reprimand

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Chairman of the Zakarpatye regional public administrationOleg Gavashiappeals against reprimand from the governmentYulia Timoshenkoin court.

The governor reported today about it.

According to Gavasha, about reprimand he heard only from journalists. "Pay attention, meeting of Cabinet of Ministers took place on May 27. To it me didn't invite, didn't report that such question will be considered. Despite of that on May 25 I met the minister of the Cabinet, and we discussed personnel questions, and also agreed about a meeting next week. Moreover, I didn't receive any information on the accepted order neither I as the head of area, nor the regional state administration", - I specified Gavasha.

As noted Gavasha, his such events already and don't surprise because "such style of work is typical for the government and its conductress". "The prime minister likes to report about the most "original" decisions to the country and people whom these decisions concern, through the press", - the chairman Zakarpatskoy YEAH added.

At the same time he confirmed that to the chairman Irshavskaya RGA Maxim Hokhlov 60 years were executed really on August 27, 2008. As it successfully coped with the duties of the head of the area assigned to it, and expressed desire and further to work, the management of the regional state administration made the decision to address in the central authorities with the offer to prolong to it a term of office. In the terms determined by the law the corresponding representation was directed to the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ukraine. "I emphasize, representation was made according to the current legislation and in certain terms", - the governor told.

The secretariat of the President of Ukraine, according to the head of Zakarpatye, coordinated representation, however the Cabinet didn't support him, thus any justification of this nonagreement wasn't provided.

Thus, the chairman YEAH noted, in area there was a situation when the next area remained without head. And this with the fact that already long time in the Zakarpatye area there are vacant 9 positions of chairmen and deputy chairmen of the district state administrations, some of them - since 2007.Regional and regional public administrations, adhering to all requirements of the current legislation, for 2008-2009 sent to the Cabinet of 12 representations concerning coordination of appointments to positions of the vice-chairman of the regional state administration, chairmen and deputy chairmen of the district state administrations. On appointment the Cabinet of Ministers didn't coordinate any of candidates.

Gavasha also I specified that, according to the legislation, he has no right neither to appoint, nor to dismiss heads of the area, it is an exclusive prerogative of the President of Ukraine. Considering it, the chairman Zakarpatskoy YEAH will appeal with the claim to the government to court. "I will appeal against this order of Cabinet of Ministers in court. As the head of the regional state administration I didn't break any letter the law", - the head of Zakarpatye commented.

As it was reported, on May 28 at 17.45 on the Governmental portal there was an information message that at government meeting reprimand to the chairman of the Zakarpatye regional state administration Oleg Gavashi is declared on May 27. In the text it is noted that reprimand is declared for unseemly performance by the Zakarpatye governor of official duties that consists in a violation of the law regarding a stay assumption in public service of the person after achievement of age limit by it. In particular, "it is established that the chairman of the Irshavsky district state administration Maxim Hokhlov (to whom 60 years were executed on August 27, 2008) still is on civil service while the government didn't support the regional state administration offer concerning extension of term of its powers".


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