At Yushchenko estimated that Ukrainians will receive "Yulina one thousand" 70 more years

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The promise of the government to pay one thousand hryvnias to investors of Sberbank of the USSR turns into the farce that once again undermines trust to the power.

The press is told about it - services of the head of state in the message.

On May 22, 2009 the government adopted the resolution "About Payment in 2009 to Citizens of Ukraine of Compensation of Losses from Depreciation of the Monetary Savings Enclosed till January 2, 1992 in Establishments of Savings Bank USSR and the State Insurance of the USSR Which Operated on the Territory of Ukraine, and in Bonds of the State Target Interest-free Loan of 1990, the State Treasury Obligations of the USSR and the Certificates of Savings Bank USSR Acquired in the Territory Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic", the Main service socially - economic development of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine informs. This resolution provides to carry out in 2009 payment in these directions for total amount of 250 million hryvnias. At the same time on payment of compensations of 1 thousand hryvnias on the depreciated savings enclosed in Savings bank USSR, it will be directed from this sum only 87 million hryvnias.

To estimate influence of this sum on a solution, it is necessary to give some figures about payments of compensations which took place in last year.

In 2008 for receiving compensation 12,8 million people were registered. From them only a half - 6,4 million people - received compensation relying by it within 1 thousand hryvnias. To satisfy other investors, it is necessary from 5,8 to 6,4 billion hryvnias.

Proceeding from it, in 2009 compensation will be received approximately by every seventieth person from those who is included in the register of investors.

In this regard there are some questions.

In - the first as it turned out that investors who believed the Prime minister - to the minister, were once again deceived. After all at the beginning of last year the head of the government personally urged people not to stand in queues on the street as all will receive money. Now the decision is made that money will provide as sequence of registration. The one who listened to the address and didn't go to stand in a queue, won't receive anything in general.

In - the second, from 6,4 million.people who didn't receive the compensation in 2008, money will receive only 87 thousand. The destiny of other people who were registered in 2008 is unclear and continue to be registered. - means as sequence and will continue to pay further the first option. If rates of payments remain, those investors who received the one thousand in 2008, won't receive the next seventy years anything - till the moment while the last registered won't receive the one thousand hryvnias. The second option - for example, from next year sequence will refuse and will provide compensation by everything registered. There is an obvious social injustice concerning those who won't receive anything neither for 2008, nor for 2009 in comparison with those who received compensation. Besides, the amount of compensation "on all" at such volumes of the provided means will make to 6,8 hryvnia on the person.

Thus, the promise to pay 1 thousand hryvnias turns into the farce that once again undermines trust to the power. In the circumstances the announcement for 12,9 million our citizens about that would be the most honest approach, on what they can count in a question which was key in election campaign of leading political force.


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