The pro-Russian political forces of the Crimea already stated the position relatively "Xi Briz 2009", and Nikolaev "vitrenkovets" while are silent

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This year the doctrines "Xi Briz 2009" of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine plans to carry out traditionally in July. Germany, the USA, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Georgia, Macedonia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Romania, Belgium, Algeria gave the consent to take part in maneuvers. Some of these countries will be presented only by observers. It is expected that the total number of participants of "Xi Briz" this year will make about 2 thousand people, the vast majority from which - representatives of the Ukrainian army and fleet. The ships for participation in doctrines will be directed by Ukraine, the USA, Greece and Turkey. About it reports "Editor-in-chief


Traditionally, doctrines will pass on ranges in Odessa andNikolaev areas,and also in the North - the western part of the Black Sea. Separate episodes it is planned to fulfill in the Crimea near the lake Donuzlav. Considering a political environment, only divisions of Naval Forces of Ukraine here will train. However, despite a number of the "traditional" elements ", Xi Briz 2009" has the features.

This year doctrines will have accurately expressed anti-terrorist character, and efforts of the international forces will be directed on the solution of problems of counteraction to a sea piracy. In comparison with previous years, from plans of military questions of search of the submarine of the conditional opponent, antiship and antiaircraft defense of the ships disappeared. In 2009 - m the main efforts will be directed on working off of elements of tactical maneuvering, embargovy operation, examination of suspicious watercrafts, transfers of freights by the ships to the sea, the communication organizations. In comparison with "Xi Briz 2008", this year doctrines will pass much more modestly.

Present "Xi Briz" becomes complicated that passes in a threshold presidential, and it is possible also parliamentary elections which can define a vector of development of the country for many years forward. Rates are too high not to use the ambiguous relation of the population to NATO in race for power. And in this context "Xi Briz" is simply a find for the pro-Russian and anti-NATO forces, both within the country, and from the outside. As far as the Ukrainian politicum is ready to such development of a situation? Partly the answer to this question will be given by the second attempt of consideration of the question "Xi Briza" in the building with a dome on the Grushevsky street which can already take place in the next few plenary days.

The pro-Russian forces in the relation "Xi Briza-2009" already are how seriously adjusted representatives of the pro-Russian forces in the Crimea declared.

Gennady Basov, the deputy of the Sevastopol city council from Russian Blok party, the leader of the organizations "Russian Choice", "Russian Youth Union" declared: "We consider that carrying out the doctrines "Xi Briz" in the territory of the Crimea is inadmissible. It conducts to the conflict, to the conflict rather serious with that point of view that inhabitants of the Crimea and sevastopolets perceive any doctrines of NATO in the territory of the Crimea and Sevastopol as provocative attempt of the Ukrainian authorities to involve Ukraine in this block. It is now difficult to tell how far we are ready to come in the actions, but that we won't stand apart, we will simply not speak about them it it is absolutely exact. We will take an active position, we will actively interfere with doctrines of this sort".

The Nikolaev representatives of the pro-Russian political forces, and it generally Natalia Vitrenko's supporters while are silent. It is possible to assume that already soon they can leave hibernation, put on kamuflirovanny clothes and arrange some "circus representations", it is natural if they are properly financed from - for limits of the Nikolaev area.


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