BYuT and "regions" began propaganda for "shirka"

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BYuT and Party of Regions can make the decision on refusal of formalization of their alliance.

About it on Tuesday the newspaper writesThe businessman - Ukraine with reference to the source familiar with a course of negotiations.

After "the presidential party started carrying out campaign for discredit of negotiations", their participants began to incline to refusal of formalization of the new majority, writes the edition.

"The purpose is not so much the coalition, how many repartition of positions and - the most important - modification of the Constitution. To change the Constitution, it isn't obligatory to declare the new coalition", - the interlocutor declared.

"It isn't told anywhere that for vote for change of the basic law coalition voices are necessary. For this purpose it is enough to agree, shake hands, make the advance personnel payment guaranteeing the transaction, and the second payment in the form of modification of the Constitution which prolong powers of the Verkhovna Rada of present convocation, - the interlocutor told.

In turn the deputy from BYuT Valery Kamchatny noted that "it is very possible option of succession of events".

"The coalition is such piece which was thought up in 2004 and which isn't too effective. The main thing that decisions, including changes in the Constitution which are divided by the most part of parliament irrespective of, it is formalized in the coalition were made or not. And such issues can be resolved and powers of the situational or temporary majority", - he added.

In Party of Regions such option of succession of events while perceive in bayonets.

"The Party of Regions supports coalition creation - only after that we will make changes to the Constitution", - "regional" Yury Samoylenko declared.

According to him, the main problem consists in lack of guarantees of implementation of the reached agreements.

"BYuT any more that is there to eat groups which declare the independence. We have fears concerning implementation of obligations by them therefore so long and is process of creation of the coalition painful", - Samoylenko told and added that within a week it becomes clear, it will manage to BYuT and PR to create the coalition or not.

"In principle, we are close to it. If at the leader of BYuT exchanges nothing and, as always, critical days" won't come, - with irony noticed Samoylenko.

At the same time the newspaper notes that propaganda for creation of the new majority began in PR and in BYuT. So the party leadership of regions charged to the secretariat to distribute yesterday information on advantages of formation of the coalition.

In particular, the staff of the secretariat of PR has to lead "explanatory discussions" with political scientists. According to the newspaper, instructions on an explanation "correctness of the union with Party of Regions" were received also by heads of the BYuT regional organizations.


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