Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine want to rename Pervomaisk into Bogopol, and Yuzhnoukrainsk into Konstantinovsk

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The People's Deputy from BYuT Yury Gnatkevich suggests the Verkhovna Rada to restore historical names of settlements of Ukraine and to order all toponymic objects according to modern realities. The corresponding draft of the resolution is registered in Rada on May 28.

On Gnatkevich's belief, in connection with approach 20-й anniversaries of declaration of the Act of independence of Ukraine there is a question of final elimination of toponymy of times of a totalitarian mode.

"Many toponymic objects in Ukraine still are called as names of people which have a direct bearing on destruction of the Ukrainian independence and physical destruction of Ukrainians. In Kiev there is Polupanov Street which group of sailors extrajudicially shot thousands Ukrainians directly on streets of Kiev for Ukrainian, the embroidered shirts and "оселедци" on the heads. Some of active figures of the international communistic movement have no relation to Ukraine - as, for example, Bulgarian G. Dimitrov or Frenchman G. Thorez", - is spoken in an explanatory note of the draft of the resolution.

Therefore, the deputy, in particular, suggests to rename the city of Artemovsk (Luhansk region) into the city of Katerinovka; Artemovsk (Donetsk region) in Bakhmut; Artemovo (Donetsk region) to Nelipovsk; Dzerzhinsk (Donetsk region) - Shcherbinovka; Dneprodzerzhinsk (The Dnepropetrovsk area) to Kamyansk; Dnepropetrovsk (The Dnepropetrovsk area) in Sicheslav; Dimitrov (Donetsk region) in Grodovk; Kirovograd (The Kirovograd area) in Elisavetgrad; Kirovsk (Luhansk region) to Golubeevsk; Kirov (Donetsk region) in Maple; Kotovsk (Odessa region) in Birzul; Krasnoarmeysk (Donetsk region) in Grishin; Kuznetsovsk (The Rovno area) in Virash; Novomoskovsk (The Dnepropetrovsk area) in Samar; Ordzhonikidze (The Dnepropetrovsk area) to Pokrovsk; May Day (Luhansk region) to the city of Aleksandrovka;Pervomaisk (The Nikolaev area) in Bogopol; May Day (The Kharkov area) to the city of Likhachevo; May Day (The Dnepropetrovsk area) in Miner's: Sverdlovsk (Luhansk region) to Dovzhansk:Thorez (Donetsk region) in Chistyakovo: Tsyurupinsk (The Kherson area) in Oleshki: Shchors (The Chernigov area) to Snovsk;Yuzhnoukrainsk (The Nikolaev area) to Konstantinovsk; Yuzhnokomunarsk (Donetsk region) to the city of Bunge.

Except names of the cities, Gnatkevich suggests to rename two areas: Dnepropetrovsk in Sicheslavsky area, and Kirovograd - in Elisavetgradsky area.

The purpose of adoption of this resolution, Gnatkevich considers, streamlining of all toponymic situation in Ukraine according to realities of independent Ukraine and the Ukrainian national idea on purpose "renewal of historical justice and providing dynamics to the Ukrainian national revival" is.


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