Kolesnikov becomes vice-the prime minister, Azarov – the head of National Bank?

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For the sake of "rescue of the people from elections" BYuT and "regionals" are ready on unprecedented victims.

"The Ukrainian truth" gives a personnel deal between PR and BYuT:

"The general principle of distribution of positions between BYuT and Party of Regions was based on three postulates:

1. All positions relating to a sphere of influence of the president, depart to Party of Regions in the person of Victor Yanukovych.

Thus future coalition throughout two convocations of parliament (and VII) has VI the right to approve the candidates offered by the president at a position of the General prosecutor, the head of National bank and the head of SBU - if the head of intelligence service will demand coordination in parliament because in the last edition of the draft constitution the president appointed it individually.

2. All positions which aren't relating to a sphere of influence of the president, are distributed equally between Party of Regions and BYuT. At this BYuT in addition receives a position the prime minister - the minister in the person of Yulia Timoshenko.

3. If any of the parties initiates attraction to the union of Party of Regions and BYuT of third-party political forces, she shares with it the portfolios.

The key scheme of distribution, naturally, concerns the Cabinet. Today in the government of 18 ministers appointed on a quota of the coalition, 2 ministers (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence) - on representation of the president, two vice-a premiere and the first vice-the prime minister.

As already it was told above, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence automatically pass to Party of Regions.

Whose candidacies at negotiations were considered on a post of the first vice-the prime minister - the minister, it wasn't succeeded to find out.

Among innovations, according to sources, increase in quantity vice-prime ministers: as a part of their new government will be eight (!) and they will be equally distributed between Party of Regions and BYuT.

It is known only that among eight vice-prime ministers there can be Andrey Klyuev, Boris Kolesnikov and Pyotr Poroshenko.

Poroshenko can pass on BYuT quota to combine a position vice-a premiere with fulfillment of duties, according to different versions, the Minister of Finance or the Minister of Economics.

And here at once some sources call Boris Kolesnikov the possible curator of agro-industrial complex.

According to the last information round agrarian and industrial complex the conflict already ripens - representatives of the block of Litvin even prior to final negotiations hinted that it is their sphere of influence, than caused indignation among "regionals".

As for the government rest, six of nine ministries which have been finally carried to a quota of Party of Regions are at present known:

- Ministry of Justice,

- Transport and communication ministry,

- Ministry of an agrarian policy,

- Ministry of the coal industry,

- Health protection ministry,

- Ministry of Culture and tourism.

From the candidates applying for these positions, one is known only: the head of Ministry of Transport negotiators from PR see Vasily Dzharta.

Also allegedly Mykola Azarov will apply for a position of the head of National bank of Ukraine (a quota of the president). One more good news to mister Azarov: future coalition intends to introduce the new tax code of his authorship written still in 2006.

National bank - the only position in the economic block which will be allocated for Party of Regions. All other economic positions depart to BYuT.

To "The Ukrainian truth" six departments, finally passed to BYuT became known:

- Ministry of Internal Affairs;

- Ministry of Economics;

- Ministry of Finance;

- Ministry of Fuel and Energy;

- Ministry of industrial policy;

- Ministry of Labour and social policy.

In case of implementation of all scenario on creation of the coalition of Conciliarity and the Renaissance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs can become the main stumbling block. Obviously, and it is confirmed by sources that "regionals" in a categorical form demand Yury Lutsenko's resignation.

On the one hand, for Yulia Timoshenko it not a fundamental question. Moreover, according to the same sources, one of applicants for Yury Lutsenko's place the prime minister - the minister already called Oleksandr Turchynov.

However, the only thing that constrains the leader of BYuT from capitulation in this question before regionals is an exit from the coalition of 13 members "National самооброны".

Tymoshenko's task - to attract as much as possible supporters in the coalition. Because refusal of each member of the present majority to enter into future union with PR deepens Yulia Timoshenko's dependence on Victor Yanukovych and his colleagues.

The exit from Yury Lutsenko's coalition is aggravated also with that out of the majority "National self-defense" becomes the additional proof of affectation of the union with "regionals".

And to inform to the voter that the chief militiaman was dismissed because "too effectively I struggled with partners of the prime minister" - "bandits" and oligarchs - Yury Lutsenko will be able and without ministerial chair.

Tymoshenko's position on the Ministry of Economics is much more unambiguous: Bogdan Danilishin will be dismissed. And to its place will come or Pyotr Poroshenko, or someone another - more effective and less loyal to communists.

Ministry of Fuel and Energy, is expected, can depart to Vitaly Gayduk.

While completely there is no information on how the remained six ministries can be distributed: The science and culture ministry, the Ministry of regional development, the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports, the environmental protection Ministry, the Ministry of questions zhilishchno - municipal services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Finally it is necessary to mark out two very much an important point.

In - the first. Within negotiations between BYuT and Party of Regions initially there was an arrangement that one party will have no veto on any positions. Respectively, surnames of all above-mentioned candidates to these or those positions aren't final.

In - the second. The fact of emergence of such information at a zero stage of realization of negotiations and a consent of many sources to tell details says that if not the top officials, approached to them are skeptical about viability of similar scenarios very much".


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