BYuT and PR will be not stopped even by Yushchenko's resignation

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Even the resignation of the president won't stop association BYuT and PR for the sake of modification of the Constitution.

The channel "Rada" can draw such conclusion from words of the regional Nestor Shufrich in the comment.

Making comments on hearings that the president can dismiss Rada or itself to resign what to make impossible modification of BYuT and PR Constitution, Shufrich declared that "from the point of view of the Constitution to presidential election Rada can't already be dismissed".

"Concerning writing of a resignation by it, I don't think that to Ukraine so will carry that it will leave ahead of schedule", - Shufrich declared.

"On the other hand, it hardly will stop those processes which have to provide transparent and responsible system of the power and minimize crisis. Even, if Yushchenko writes the application and declares it in parliament, already for the sake of it these processes should be begun", - he declared.

"In the country there is a diarchy, and actually this anarchy. It would be possible to treat it philosophically if not crisis which we feel", - the regional told.

"We are compelled to look for again compromises concerning creation of such system of the power which will help to overcome crisis. We will be frank - all decisions of the government, bad or good, are blocked by Yushchenko. And anti-recessionary laws are adopted only thanks to voices of Party of Regions. Moreover, we several times overcame the veto of the president on anti-recessionary laws", - the deputy reminded.

According to Shufrich how to elect the president - a question minor.

"Here we have an internal, difficult question - Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych has the right to be the president elected in public as from it it stole in 2004. But there are a lot of my colleagues and I personally support the offer to avoid opposition at presidential election, and after them carrying out early parliamentary which the president" will want to carry out, - the deputy declared.


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