The forum of representatives in Nikolaev was held by a round table: Christians demand removal of healers, astrologers and fortunetellers from the list of official professions in Ukraine

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In the national qualifier of professions of Ukraine in the section "Classification of Types of Economic Activity" such professions, as "healer", "astrologer" and "fortuneteller" are designated. The round table which held on June 2 in Nikolaev the Forum of representatives was devoted to this subject.

Members of the organization position themselves as follows. The forum of representatives is a movement of adherents at the heart of which activity the Christian outlook and Christian system of values lies. They set before themselves the purpose the consolidated efforts to have Charitable spiritual and moral impact on the processes happening in Ukraine.

Over all country members of the Forum of representatives collect signatures of citizens under the address to the President of Ukraine, the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine. They consider that entering into the qualifier of professions of Ukraine of occult professions is irresponsible and contradicting the Basic Law of Ukraine, and also destroying Christian values therefore it is dangerous to future generations.

The forum of representatives demands to exclude from the qualifier of professions of Ukraine "fortuneteller", "chiromantist" and "astrologer" though many of them officially ended school of an astrology also have all necessary documents for occupation by these kinds of activity.

- We met representatives of institute which is responsible for development of the qualifier, - told during a round table the organizer, the director of institute tserkovno - the state relations Sergey Naidyonov. - They say that to these professions gave the official status that it was possible to collect taxes. But we perfectly know everything how collect taxes.

At a round table representatives of Autocephalous church, Pyatidesyatnichesky church, Association of independent churches and others gathered.

One of the pastors, arrived to Nikolaev from Dnepropetrovsk, discussing a subject of legalization of occult professions, сыронизировал:

- Let's legalize killers and mafia clans. It is possible to legalize a drug mafia and to gain from it income (taxes - a bus).

During discussion statistical data were heard. After all it is known that 95% of citizens of Ukraine consider themselves as Christians. However only a half of them allows existence of God.

Members of the Forum of representatives see communication between legalization of occult professions and increase in movement of nonconventional orientation.

- Legalization of fortunetellers and to that similar is the beginning to introduce in society the gay - culture, - the pastor, the head of public organization "Family Values" Rostislav Kamnev speaks.

- I was on training - a seminar which gays veiled under the guise of HIV prevention - AIDS, - the chairman of coordination council of the Forum of representatives Sergey Kosyak tells, - but two gays - professional the psychologist who are teachers of psychology at the Dnepropetrovsk universities were thus invited. And they boldly propagandized, imposed the gay - culture. They showed the abc-book which want to introduce at schools. In the abc-book it is represented sad to the boy of six - seven years. Sad because its father divorced from mother. But here the father had a friend Bob. The friend Bob is shown on the picture. It is written further: the father together with him eats, the father together with it plays with me, the father together with it sleeps. And all this in the form of smiling characters of comics. Then this boy appears on hands at Bob, he smiles and speaks: "A good family - that where there is a love. Therefore I am happy". And with such program they want to come to our schools.

By the way, some organizers of a round table are members of political parties: Sergey Naidyonov - Labour party of Ukraine, Rostislav Kamnev - "Batkivshina".


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