M. Stavniychuk declares that V. Yushchenko doesn't allow possibility of the resignation

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The deputy head of the Secretariat of president Marín Stavniychuk declares that the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko doesn't allow possibility of the resignation. She declared it in interview "the Businessman - Ukraine". "Precisely I know that won't be - the President doesn't allow possibility of the resignation about what some politicians speak today. There can be only one scenario at which the president will voluntary resign, - if there is an accurate arrangement on holding early parliamentary elections at the same time with early presidential", - she told.

Answering a question of possible dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, M. Stavniychuk declared: "In parliament today speak about coalition creation for conciliarity and preservation of unity of the state, so after all? Such sacred business should be done by clean hands. And if purity of procedure isn't observed, at the President, certainly, there will be bases for parliament dissolution. And considering as at us political forces carry out arrangements, such bases can quite appear".

In turn representatives of BYuT already foretell that formalization of their relations with PR will force the President to get back to idea of simultaneous carrying out early elections of the President and parliament. "According to my information, in the Secretariat of the president two drafts of the decree about purpose of snap parliamentary and presidential election are already prepared, - the People's Deputy Sergey Mishchenko told. - As soon as this association (BYuT and PR coalition) will take place, next day you will see these two decrees".

However, such succession of events didn't cause this time fears in deputies. "Voluntary retirement of the President will positively influence country development, - declared vice-the speaker Nikolay Tomenko. Almost word for word it was repeated by the People's Deputy Nestor Shufrich (PR)."If Yushchenko writes the application and declares it in parliament, already for the sake of it these processes (coalition creation) should be begun", - N. Shufrich told.


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