BYuT and Party of Regions want to divide among themselves the power without any participation of citizens of Ukraine – the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council

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Heads of Party of Regions and BYuT are ready to signing so-called "The big contract" which provides presidential elections in parliament through modification of the existing Constitution, the moratorium on holding parliamentary elections till 2014 and declared joint activity till 2024.

The association "Out of Policy" considers necessary to declare the following:

Two political forces formally opposing each other intend to conclude the bargain only for the purpose of division among themselves powers of authority without any participation of citizens of Ukraine.

Such exit from a deep political and economic crisis deceitfully is offered us by those who led the country to its present deplorable state. In fact, they deprive of us the last right - an option.

Permanent elections imposed to us it is bad. But absence at people of a choice - is many times worse.

This transaction became possible in view of social apathy of the majority of Ukrainians to the processes happening in our country. This apathy - a consequence of the policy which is carried out by the existing mode in relation to the own people. Politicians in every respect the antinational.

For many years us deceived, covering with numerous promises the partisan and personal interests. And today we already began to disturb in implementation of their plans, and the rights to influence the destiny decided to deprive the people simply.
The one who now is guarantor Konstitutsii, doesn't want and can't protect the remains our rights. He isn't able to stop approaching dictatorship.

Considering real threat of the moratorium on elections for many years, we demand immediate carrying out extensive and open discussion of actions of leaders of political forces with the voters who have given the votes of PR and BYuT. Now have to give them an assessment what trustfulness they once again used for entry into the power.

It is impossible to allow that some people uncontrolledly and with impunity remade the Constitution under themselves, disposed of our destinies without our participation.

We consider that changes have to be made to the Country constitution only after extensive national discussion.

Alexander Zholobetsky, chairman of the association "Out of Policy"


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