Litvin's block isn't going "to consecrate" with itself the BYuT and PR

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Litvin's block opposes election of the president in parliament and increases in term of deputy powers.

It during performance from a tribune of parliament was declared by Blok's member Lytvyna Oleg Zarubinsky.

"Litvin's block against unofficial arrangements. We won't consecrate arrangement which become in such mode", - the deputy warned.

It reminded that Blok of Litvin "in September acted against the country shared for two".

"And our position remains consecutive: the country can't share on two political forces, systems, empires", - Zarubinsky declared.

"Litvin's block recognizes that expansion of base of political responsibility in parliament - a matter of time. But unofficial arrangements are a blow to expansion of such base of responsibility", - the deputy added.

According to Zarubinsky, Blok Lytvyna "doesn't perceive a situation when from the people take away the right to elect the president".

"Also we don't perceive that deputies increase to themselves a term of office. It not democratically and not morally", - was declared by the deputy.


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