Yushchenko urges citizens "not to be silent" against BYuT and PR

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Essentially important decisions, such as cancellation of national presidential elections or continuation of powers of local authorities or operating parliament, the people have to accept only.

The president Victor Yushchenko declared a press it in time - conferences in Lugansk, reports a press - service of the head of state.

"When we speak about a state system, the organizations of system of the power is an exclusive competence of voters therefore I urge not to be silent simply", - Yushchenko told.

The president urged the Ukrainian society to take an active civic stand in this situation as that is offered today as consolidation of Party of Regions and BYuT, actually is "new and undesirable threat to a constitutional order of the country".

"In my opinion, we don't deal with ideological forces. We deal with forces which are ready that belongs to the private or corporate interests, the rest to sell all", - the head of state declared.

Speaking about desire of BYuT and "Regions" to continue powers of local authorities and parliament, to make the decision on presidential elections in the Verkhovna Rada, Yushchenko told: "It is a political bribe at all levels to create alliance for one criminal project to revise the Ukrainian Constitution".

Undoubtedly, the president noted, in parliament there can be a coalition between Party of Regions and BYuT, but speculation in the selective mandate to discharge the public of decision-making on the matter are inadmissible.

Actually, Yushchenko is convinced, it is a question of repetition of option of modification of the Constitution which took place in 2004: "I am convinced, it will lead to serious social shocks and oppositions".

"I have no doubt that together with the nation I won't allow presidential elections in parliament, differently it is the end of the national sovereignty, it is the end of the Ukrainian democracy", - Yushchenko emphasized, having added that the enormous consolidated work of all society is for this purpose necessary.

The president assured that will do everything from him dependent for the solution of this situation: "It won't be a shame to you with actions of the president in this situation.I will demand and from political leaders, and from political parties which stand behind these adventures, the steps answering to the law and the existing Constitution. I as the head of state won't allow other scenario".

Yushchenko stated expectation that these its cautions will be considered, in particular, by Party of Regions which has the biggest support in society.

"I think, this party has to bear responsibility for stability, legitimate succession of events, instead of go in a waterway of any adventures brought from Moscow or developed by Medvedchuk. Any other initiatives, that proceed from rules of law, I am convinced, shouldn't be accepted", - the president told.


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