To the Nikolaev businessmen from the flower market on Soviet today

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Yesterday, on June 3, at 16.00 on the flower market which is on crossing of streets Soviet and Spassky, the deputy mayor of NikolaevglancedAlexander Zhenzherukha. The purpose of its arrival - to settle the conflict between firm"Credo"and businessmen who trade in the market in flowers.

As told us the last, the Kredo firm, which territory adjoins to the flower market, suggests them to sign the lease contract for a period of one year. But such idea at all doesn't suit businessmen. In - the first, they should pay a rent of about 1500 hryvnias depending on the occupied space. In - the second, people are afraid that a year later the situation will repeat: "Credo" will begin construction in the market territory, and to businessmen won't be where to work. And in the third, for what reason they have to pay a rent if years lawfully worked hard without it - the tax on portable trade and other assignments paid in city treasury.

-Alexander Zhorzhevich Zhenzherukha personally lobbied interests of "Credo", - businessmen consider. - Contracts tried to force to sign us. To us threaten that if we won't sign the contract, us will expel. The deputy mayor told us, what good firm "Kredo", and that we should sign contracts. It let us to time think to 11.00 today. At 11.00 representatives of "Credo" with papers have to come. But anybody won't conclude anything with them. We want to settle this question and to remain normally to work. How many it is possible to be at war? If now "Credo" signs contracts with businessmen, exactly in a year the same history will begin. "Credo" will set up a fence and will tell: "Children, it is our territory". If only we depart on their territory, it everything "will hesitate". They will write the application in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies about territory expansion. Will take away these lands - the adjacent territory - free of charge, without auction, without a thing, and they become owners. Then in a year they will tell us: "Misters, go on... we will build here the building". And people again will rise, again will start being at war.


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