Kostenko threatened Tymoshenko and Yanukovych "to disorganize" the coalition

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Hardly PR and BYuT will bring in the Verkhovna Rada the project of changes in the Constitution which, in particular provides transferring of presidential elections to parliament, UNP declares the exit from the parliamentary coalition, transition to opposition and will initiate an exit from the coalition of all fraction our Ukraine - National Self-defense. It at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada was declared by the leader of UNP Yury Kostenko.

Nardepa disturbs that "for the first time in recent years political process between two parties is conducted in a secret mode", nobody saw draft documents which prepare future members of the coalition, the politician reminded. According to Kostenko, it is more similar to revolution preparation.

Changes which prepare, completely contradict the Constitution and basic principles of democracy, the politician considers. According to Kostenko PR and BYuT seek to create uniform control center of the state, it, according to the politician is the beginning of creation of the totalitarian country.

In economy, he added, also there will be changes "unpleasant" for a national producer from - that "this association represents only interests of the big capital". The government already now tries to solve all problems due to small and medium business.

One more claim was that members of future coalition as considers Kostenko, show already today withdrawal from interests of Ukraine. In particular in questions of gas arrangements with Russia and the Black Sea fleet.

In this regard Kostenko reminded that "the present coalition holds only the account of two voices of UNP".

We will remind that in case of an exit of one of parliamentary fractions from structure of the operating coalition, or decrease in its numerical structure to less than 226 нардепов, in - the first: the President of Ukraine has the constitutional opportunity to declare early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada (if in time established by the law won't be declared creation of the new parliamentary majority). In - the second:Tymoshenko will lose "bargaining chip" - "joining" of PR to already existing majority in interests of a public consent and anti-recessionary actions.


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