"Laktalis" bought an unfinished boiler room "Dawns - Mashproyekt" for 1,4 million UAH

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Last week in Nikolaevsk regional office of Fund of the state property of Ukraine auction on sale of object of incomplete construction - boiler GP "Zorya — Mashproyekt" took place.

At the end of May, 2009 in regional office of the Background of state property of Ukraine on the Nikolaev area auction on sale of object of incomplete construction - a boiler room "Dawns" - "Mashproyekt" which pipe is an eyesore already many years to inhabitants of Leninsky district took place, without bringing benefit to plant and the city, and the extensive land plot (26 580 sq.m), taken away once under construction, became a place of a spontaneous dump of garbage. At construction readiness of object of 10% to sell it for use for the intended purpose it wasn't represented possible and at considerable surplus of thermal powers in the city one more powerful boiler room isn't necessary long ago.

And the object, as they say, "neither, nor people" "hung" on balance of the enterprise. Certainly, its state already should have sold long ago, let at the lowered price, but everything buyers weren't: construction dismantling after its acquisition would cost dearer, than benefit from possible use.

Everything changed after the decision on object sale at auction together with the land plot which is of a certain value, especially taking into account existence of good access roads, including railway was made. Two potential buyers, one of which - JSC Laktalis-Nikolayev were registered. This milk plant which main shareholder is the French firm, needs long ago expansion, but he couldn't receive from the city authorities of a land allocation. Here it is worth noticing that the city in general very reluctantly takes away the earth under production buildings and constructions. It is enough to remember problems of one of the most effective enterprises of the city - "Velam" … But others receive the earth under it isn't known that - "already run".

Therefore it is possible to understand persistence of the guide of "Laktalis", whose production site borders on sold object, in its aspiration to win at auction.The vice-chairman of board Jean - Louis Kadron personally firm hand highly lifted the plate with number of the participant - until the blow of a hammer of a litsetator didn't record its victory, - and, so purchase by its enterprise of desired object. Total amount of sale from auction of an unfinished boiler room together with the land plot made 1 million 396 thousand 500 UAH from which 90% will be transferred into the State budget, and 10% will arrive in the local budget.

Under the terms of sale the buyer has to not only pay the specified sum for short term, but also develop all necessary documentation on land management, sort unfinished constructions of a boiler room, and within five years from the moment of transition of the property right to construct elements of production infrastructure necessary for it, observing all ecological requirements. It is supposed that on the acquired platform there will be warehouse and treatment facilities for production needs of milk plant, thus total investment will make 10 million hryvnias.


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