"Self-defense" wants that the Audit Chamber dealt with flights of Balogi

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The deputy group "National Self-defense" addressed to the chairman of Audit Chamber Valentin Simonenko with the requirement urgently to check information on inappropriate use of the state property and means of the state budget officials of the Secretariat of the President, their family, namely - flights of the State air enterprise "Ukraine" for 2007 with the assistance of the head of the joint venture Victor Balogi.

About it it is spoken in the NANOSECOND address of the June 23 which text is at"proUA".

In particular, there is a speech in the address, at the disposal of NANOSECOND there is information concerning 24 flights which have been carried out by planes of the State air enterprise "Ukraine" throughout 2007-2008 during which onboard were the head of the Secretariat of the President Baloga, the officials approached to it and People's Deputies, relatives and acquaintances.

All are marked out flights during their organization and performance had the status special (noncommercial), but were carried out only with the private purpose, mainly in the days off, is spoken in the address.

At the same time, it is noted in the address, according to the provision on the Ukraine air enterprise and its charter, performance of special flights of noted airline is financed at the expense of the state budget.

Considering stated, deputies ask to carry out urgently an inspection of observance of requirements of the current legislation and target use of budgetary funds during implementation of flights of the State air enterprise "Ukraine" for 2007.

"In case today the flights noted in our address by various frauds are translated to the category "commercial", I ask to check the actual time and volumes of their payment from passengers", - is spoken in the address.

We will remind, on June 17 People's Deputies from "National self-defense" addressed withdeputy inquiry to the Public prosecutorAleksandra Medvedko and to the head of GLAVKRU Nikolay Sivulsky with a request to check the state air enterprise "Ukraine" concerning use of planes for personal reasons the head of the Secretariat of the President Victor Balogoy.

Also NANOSECONDinitiates creation of Temporary commission of inquiryThe Verkhovna Rada on investigation of the facts of abuse by official position by the head of the Secretariat of the President Victor Balogoy, namely, upon use of office planes by it for personal reasons.


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