Kolesnikov told the plan: at first - the Constitution, then - a shirka

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The deputy from Party of Regions Boris Kolesnikov estimates chances of coalition creation with BYuT as 50 on 50.

He told about it in interview to the Segodnya newspaper.

"For a start it is necessary to discuss a question on our fractions and to pass the decision. Deadline - the end of present session. Till this time it is necessary to accept changes in the Constitution", - the deputy noted.

Kolesnikov considers that "the coalition without the constitutional changes doesn't make any sense". "So at first the changes of the Constitution accepted in the first reading, and then coalition creation as the mechanism for realization of the constitutional changes", - was told by him.

The deputy noted that if in September, in the second reading the constitutional changes won't be проголосованы, "the coalition won't be" and political forces will go to national presidential elections.

"We do reforms not for the sake of reforms, and not in parliament to elect Yanukovych. After all today it would seem for Party of Regions to go most favourably to national presidential elections and to win. We have the highest ratings", - Kolesnikov told.

A question why then regionals don't go on national elections, it answered: "Well present, Yanukovych became a president, and Timoshenkoto remained a prime minister. Round it the majority in Rada" is easily consolidated.

"And Yanukovych - the president with it will be able to make nothing. And then the voter will ask us - why we didn't execute the program. Therefore, we consider that it is necessary to change the Constitution to liquidate power division once and for all", - Kolesnikov told.

"Some people who, obviously, don't want association of Ukraine, produce the myths one of which is reduced to that the president elected in the Verkhovna Rada will receive even more powers. It is a lie. The president will be deprived of influence on executive power", - he noted.

"Governors, to be exact representatives of Cabinet of Ministers on places, will submit to the prime minister. If the Cabinet of Ministers is an executive power to which the task is assigned, to build the new country, the president is a guarantor Konstitutsii", - the deputy declared.

"Therefore to be the guarantor, he has to have mechanisms - the Ministries of Defence, foreign affairs, he appoints the head of intelligence service and brings the candidate of the chairman of NBU", - Kolesnikov noted.

He reported that according to the project, at the president the veto remains and it will be overcome трёхстами by voices.

"There shouldn't be a competition between two leading heads of the country irrespective of, who it. But on the other hand at anybody shouldn't be and the absolute power. Otherwise this way conducts to dictatorship", - the deputy told.

Kolesnikov noted that "the constitutional changes and assume impossibility of establishment of dictatorship in the country".

Answering a question, whether is in Party of Regions what - that groups which torpedo work of regionals with BYuT, for example, Levochkin's group and Quickly, the regional told: "Levochkin's group and Quickly is only Levochkin and Quickly. They don't torpedo anything. All fraction takes part in work, but everyone has the right for the opinion".


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