"Be Your Own Producer". Without having any documents, the businessman constructed car repair shop in the Ship area?

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That in Nikolaev, at certain communications or influence, it is possible to construct quite "visible" object, without having on hands of a full package of documents (and even at all it without having), for a long time it is obvious and indisputable. And for the unclear reasons (or perhaps on the quite clear? ) controlling and law enforcement agencies quite often close eyes to similar violations and "slow down" process.

Somebody Zinevich. The surname of this businessman several times sounded during meeting of the city commission on legalization of employment of the population.

- The person absolutely impudently behaves, - the deputy of city council, the deputy chief of administration of the Ship area Valentin Krasnozhon told. - I constructed car repair shop - rather large object. Without project, without branch of the earth. Without a thing! Here it is simple - I constructed impudently! There it is necessary to close and put on handcuffs.

On this fact letters were written to all appropriate authorities, including to territorial inspection of work. However "there anybody issued nothing and doesn't wish to communicate with us".

Moreover, this Zinevich, according to V. Krasnozhon, tries to intimidate members of the commission on legalization of employment of the population.

- Calls members of the commission and threatens. Home calls! I have supposedly such roof that to you and didn't dream.

- In administrations there are interdepartmental commissions instead of meetings of executive committees which were earlier. We now have no executive committees, - the deputy continued. - And the member of the interdepartmental commission - the chief of regional department. And here we to it charged to deliver this person to the interdepartmental commission … And further I promise all of you that there will be zero result. Therefore I at session of city council (on June 18 - a bus) will be compelled to ask and the mayor … that lifted from a hall of the head of department of city militia and closed this object … There absolutely the legislation isn't executed on any question. But why to bring to the such - half a year to chase one careless businessman? Whether it is better to take at once it, to punish according to all program and to close at once? But it is necessary that all services participated …


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