"Odessa Classics". Beginning

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«European festival–for the European city». This motto of the First international festival of arts of Odessa Classics reflects both idea of the project, and the concealed dream of most of inhabitants of Odessa–to feel at last - that residents of the European city. And business here it is rather not in political accession to the European Union, and in desire of worthy life, in special Odessa pride. 

Brand «Odessa» it is quite unique in essence. A few cities in the world for so short historical interval of the existence could declare themselves so loudly. And if in the Russian-speaking world Odessa–the capital of humour, in the big world Odessa–it first of all brand of classical music. I as the professional musician who visited more than 40 countries of the world with concerts perfectly know it–also I am proud of that the inhabitant of Odessa. The truth this pride generally visits me on the next tours when I discuss uniqueness of the Odessa pianistic or violin school with the foreign colleagues. And this talk is always easy and pleasant as colleagues in everything agree and doesn't challenge me–the whole assembly of great musicians - inhabitants of Odessa led by the great three «Richter - Gilels - Oystrakh» is airtight argument. And if to rummage, at kind 90% of the leading violinists of the planet is musical «Odessa roots». That is–Odessa has a unique brand. And as far as it is used by the city? I would tell–at most for some percent. When I am at home–reflections about concept of the Odessa cultural brand often lead me to unfavourable thoughts that the brand remained the myth which can disappear already soon. Actually for the last decades Odessa steadily rolls down in a bog of cultural provinciality. Inhabitants of Odessa very much don't like to speak about it aloud, but any person though a little familiar with life of the European mother countries, will easily confirm it.

And one of the most obvious factors confirming is–in the city there was no festival of classical music of category «And». from June 10 to June 14 in Odessa such festival took place and in all respects it appeared great success, especially considering that wasn't spent for it kopeks of the state money.To us there arrived real stars of the European scene–opera bass of Paat Burchuladze, violinist Michael Guttman, cult Estonian ensembles «Hortus музикус» and «Art jazz quartet» , the most talented Ukrainian actors acted.

I took place premiere of the project «Art of war» , which we conceived and in common realized with Vlad Troitsky–I think, it became the central event of a festival, and it is waited by the big future. The project is cooperation of the Odessa Classics festivals and «Gogol of a festival». By the way both festivals are made related by the principle of their construction–these are multidisciplinary projects. Such trend is now inherent in the best festivals of the world–here and we wanted not to lag behind.

In 5 festival days passed 14 actions–and along with classics modern, ancient music, the jazz sounded; there were a theater, poetry, humour, modern choreography, 3 exhibitions opened. (Including personal A. Roytburda–in main Odessa academic museum). The most interesting culturological discussions and masterklassa were carried out.

The Odessa public which filled halls of all actions proved to be remarkably–it was ready to a new format of a festival, and proved as always warm and emotional. Everything without exception actors were really happy, and considering their most wide range of communication on a world scene–about that the brand of musical Odessa is live and the city is full of news the atmosphere of the World and the Holiday–will be carried over the different countries.

By the way about guests–them was much. Only one Estonian delegation in nearly one hundred music lovers, politicians, large businessmen, journalists attended both a festival, and various actions in the city and the Odessa region. One more achievement–arrival of several influential Russian journalists from «Ekho Moskvy» , «New newspaper» etc. It is sure that their reportings and direct airs from a festival made for counter-propaganda to the Kremlin loud-hailers more than it is possible to imagine.

Such festival–it not simply cultural event. It is unique opportunity to bring to the city of the correct tourists: on «Odessa Classics» there arrived the leading culturologists, from Baltic–millionaires, people who invest in Odessa. When there is such action, talk on that to invest in the city further is carried on. After all Odessa–it is the tourist city. And development of cultural tourism creates workplaces, investment climate.

I very much hope that the following festival will be supported by local authorities at the financial level. Because anywhere in the world holding a serious festival of arts only on philanthropic support is impossible. Yes it and incorrectly in essence–after all modern world experience proves that the good large-scale festival always does well to any city - and as a rule the power understands it and helps such projects.

The festival ODESSA CLASSICS project began very successfully. But that it could take place without state support–something like a miracle, such can occur only once. Whether there will be a future at a festival? Let us wait and see. I–optimist. Our purpose to try as soon as possible (3-5 years) to make a festival not only the best in the country, but also one of the brightest in Europe.

Alexey Botvinov, "Lb.ua"


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