The head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party declared preparation of large-scale protest actions

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"Today Ukrainian people's party, including itNikolaevthe regional organization, already began preparation for large-scale protest actions against the constitutional revolution". It was declared by the head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization, the first deputy chairman Gospotrebstandart of UkraineYury Shirko.

In this regard UNP, "in - the first, addressed to the President concerning a referendum - whether the Ukrainian citizens agree to give to parliament the right to elect the President. In - the second, UNP prepared the appeal to the Venetian commission, with a request to give an assessment to how planned PR and BYuT the constitutional changes fit into democratic practice. In - the third, UNP will initiate an exit of the fraction from the so-called democratic coalition which turns into a screen for BYuT and PR". About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party

"Not the fact that in Party of Regions and BYuT all "will grow together" - weak ability to compromises remains as before the main line of the Ukrainian policy. And the agreements concluded till 2024 or even till 2014, in Ukraine are unreal. Thus neither BYuT, nor PR aren't monolithic structures, they include a set of political and economic groups between which already there is a confrontation" - declaredYury Shirko.

Interestingly to what will lead similar "large-scale" protest actions? It seems that our politicians didn't understand that such methods can spoil only reputation before foreign colleagues. And result from such actions...


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