Tymoshenko declares: Yanukovych perfidiously, without world announcement, left

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The prime minister - the minister acted with television explanations concerning negotiations with Party of Regions.

Tymoshenko confirmed that negotiations were conducted, and, according to her, 4 fractions of parliament agreed "to unite" with need: not only BYuT and PR, but also Blok Lytvyna and considerable part НУНСа. Also it was a question allegedly "of association, instead of of dividing the country for two as black promotion" assures.

Tymoshenko reminded what exactly she in the fall of last year urged to forget immediately about all political disputes in the face of world crisis. And since that moment "I started working for association".

"Negotiations went extremely hard, but nevertheless went. Unfortunately, today Victor Yanukovych put to them the end, - the prime minister declared. - Individually, there is nobody without having warned, I left negotiation process".

Tymoshenko recognized that need of the constitutional reform, but at the same time categorically denies that the Constitution wanted to change without national discussion: "Together with negotiations on association we hard acquired necessary changes in the Constitution which had to be accepted after a national referendum". Besides, according to her, in these changes wasn't neither extensions of a term of office of the Verkhovna Rada, nor election of the President in parliament, restrictions of a freedom of speech. To it Tymoshenko added that the previous negotiations were stopped from - for the requirement to state in the Constitution the provision on election of the President in parliament. And Victor Yanukovych, according to the prime minister, literally on Friday suggested it "to establish in the Constitution minimum possible age for candidates for president of 50 years". The prime minister claims that she refused flatly.

"Actually the unification was reached. Our political force went on big, unprecedented compromises … Unfortunately, private ambitions, personal interests again won".


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