From - for general "lawlessness" the destiny of the young guy

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In edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" one of inhabitants of the Nikolaev area addressed and told very interesting story.

His son Maxim POPENKO - the cadet of National Academy of defense of Ukraine, faculty of training of specialists quickly - tactical level, group No. 3202.

On June 11, he as well as many others, passed complex examination of the State examination committee of National Academy of defense of Ukraine.

Examination ended approximately at 12.30 the same day and it is seemingly successful. All examinations were passed, at least on an assessment "well".

The worker of VS of Ukraine Trukhanov Oleg Nikolaevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences was the head of a subcommittee which accepted examinations. And in members of the commission two Doctors of Engineering, the employee of chair voyenno - air forces Gennady Kotelnikov and Oleg Barabash entered.

It seems, examinations are passed and it is possible to relax, but isn't present! Here the most interesting began.

According to the father, at 17.00, the same day, by the mobile phone of his son the chief of group caused and told that it is caused by the head of a subcommittee.

Прейдя to mister Trukhanov, he learns that he is called by the head of the State examination committee the general - the colonel Pecheshkin.

What to do, cause so cause. It is necessary to go.

Прейдя in an office to the head of the State examination committee, together with mister Trukhanov, they there saw besides the general - the colonel Pecheshkin also the general - the lieutenant Zamana.

According to stories the Maxim, to it started asking type questions: where he was born, what its track record, etc.

After that different questions were set: on communication, on voyenno - to air forces ….

"Why they ask these questions they to me didn't explain, simply on each my answer said that I answer not correctly", - Maxim Popenko told.

It everything was accompanied by shouts and insults, calls to the chief of armies of communication …

After all this, the general - the colonel Pecheshkin simply crossed out an assessment in the sheet, wrote - "poorly" and undersigned.

"With words - "There are questions? ", declared, what I can't apply for any positions and in general who I am such, what here I do? ", - the cadet tells.

All interfered with it members of examination committee and told that questions which it asked don't concern examination.

On what received the answer: "I won't change the opinion! "

And what to do to the cadet?

The history proceeded on June 24. The general - the colonel Pecheshkin brought together heads of GEK and told that those sheets in which it changed estimates it is necessary to copy and there where it "is necessary" to put at once "unsatisfactorily".

"Similar cases as with Maxim there 8 or 9", - the father of the guy claims.

Heads of examination committees refused to copy sheets, then the general - the colonel started threatening them with dismissal.

According to the father though sheets still aren't closed, already result are transferred to a table to the chief Voyenno - air forces of Ukraine and to all staffs.

As so, from - for "whims" of the high-ranking general, the destiny of the young guy who chose as the profession breaks to protect our Homeland.


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