Victor Yanukovych: forgive, but I will be chosen in public …

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Misters, whether you love Yanukovych how I love it? The hero of jokes and "prison stories", trouble-free muse of the Ukrainian satirists, a convenient pear for warm-up of journalists of the most different manner … as it grew up …

When five years ago one very believing woman, mumbling a toothless mouth, I spoke to me: "Masha, here, you offend Yanukovych and over Lyusy him laugh, and all of them will equally win! ", I perceived the sister in Christ as it is white - blue the zombie. Now I think that it, at least, the perspicacious … You judge …

15.30 Inter, special issue, Yanukovych acts. So friendly smart guy is in Kiyevo's yard - Pecherska Larvy, the shirt collar - a naraspashechka, and broadcasts.

I will depict a situation for clarity: put Victor Fedorovich slightly at some distance Assumption Cathedral, in an environment of parishioners. Public - mass meeting on a background - in moderate quantity, but it is visible that parishioners, instead of tourists and not gapers. There is also a disabled person - the wheelchair invalid. The cathedral it isn't visible, only domes unostentatiously in the distance gleam, but parishioners learn Monastery unmistakably.

And Victor Fedorovich speaks: it is time for me, my dear compatriots to speak. My opponents over me laughed - laughed, and now here arrived at idea that it is necessary to unite. And I wanted, I always saw a way only in unity. I conducted negotiations, I hoped that we together will be able to overcome crisis, but to time before election campaign remained a little, and even together all the same we will manage to make nothing.

Further Victor Fedorovich lets know, what yes, was planned to elect the president in parliament, but it at the people can't select this right. And partners supposedly let don't worry: all practices which have remained from cooperation with them, the leader of regionals promises to use in the future …

Everything, misters, came true. Victor Fedorovich is ready, he mastered all skills of public policy and negotiation process, up to a kidka of partners at the last minute. Gallantly! It appeared, Donetsk it isn't simple a lot of money, it also ability to self-development. I understood, why Anna Hermann needed five more minutes on considering of destiny of future coalition.(It seems so, she explained a delay in the public announcement of the new union supposedly it is necessary to descend in church to stay in silence to consider …) I think that these five minutes were necessary to choose to Victor Fedorovich in Monastery a platform better.

For flock a course faultless, you represent, such demand in Day of the Blessed Trinity in Kiyevo - Pechersky Monastery. Heart of the believing person - not a stone, they also will give to Victor Fedorovich the only value that with them still remained - voices. I will understand everything who will vote for Victor Fedorovich I. I and itself appreciate, the people capable over to work. Though personally, perhaps, I will refrain from vote.

I won't hide, lately from BYuT and Party of Regions negotiations days obviously bore a yanayevshchina. The young generation of politicians with identical persons identical words assured us of need of the PR and BYuT union. They too can be understood: they did everything to replicate tomorrow and today not to lose the deputy benefits. In assurances of the former journalists who have become deputies that the democracy is very expensive to Rinat Leonidovich, I didn't trust. I was convinced only that if these two - PR and BYuT will cease to watch one after another, won't catch mutual corruption actions and to merge all this to journalists, the democracy will end by itself. And leaders will be too occupied that to notice it.

In one of Friday air my colleague told that the journalistic community played a role focus - groups. To journalists threw idea of "shirka", and they with enthusiasm worked on politicians, having let know how this union will be apprehended by society. "And, when at them leaves nothing - politicians will tell that again it didn't turn out", - the editor of one of magazines told. Here and one more perspicacious …

By the way, one more supervision: during this time in my journalistic list of experts, from a column "independent", one more researcher who was earlier seeming to me simply staunch removed to the column "byutovskikh". But among figures, it would seem absolutely won back "National self-defense", there was a guy whom let and from convention shares, but it is possible to carry in the independent. Big rarity that the deputy mandate didn't spoil the researcher.

And here Nestor Shufrich who with foam at a mouth defended the new constitution and the wide coalition, should retire honestly. It became uninteresting.

I will open champagne, all - the yanayevshchina didn't pass.But you know, scrape at me a cat at heart … One my colleague (from among devoted) said that Victor Fedorovich on Friday flied to Moscow, allegedly to persuade Sechin, not to force it to create the coalition with BYuT. Igor Sechin if you it isn't aware, Putin's assistant. At first in its presidential administration, now in the government. The picturesque companion, punch the biography in the searcher. It is interesting, whether there was this meeting actually, whether also the truth that on it spoke about "shirka".

All right, about it we will be told undoubtedly by Yulia Vladimirovna. Now it will have no secrets from the press. Shirka - that didn't take place.

Masha Mishchenko


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