The Crimean Tatars promise to block to Ukraine the road to the European Union

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The Crimean Tatars intend to address in structures of the European Union and the UN in connection with violation of their rights in Ukraine.

It was declared by one of coordinators of protest action before the Cabinet building, the representative of public organization "Avdet" Rinat Shaymardanov.

"Ukraine is torn in the European Union. Ukraine positions itself as the constitutional democratic state. At the same time we on own bitter example see that Ukraine - the same antidemocratic totalitarian state, as well as the Stalin Soviet Union. Passed 18 years as the Crimean Tatars returned home, but still we have no earth, houses, even the status of repatriates", - he told, reports UNIAN.

"Within the country there is a barefaced discrimination of the Crimean Tatars, and especially obviously it is shown in the land question", - Shaymardanov added.

The coordinator of an action declared that "if Ukraine considers problems of the Crimean Tatars insignificant", they will make so that крымско - the Tatar problem becomes the main problem of Ukraine.

"We will block to Ukraine the road to the European Union. Each mission of the Council of Europe, all divisions of the UN, the government of all countries entering into the European Union, will receive information on the genocide occurring today in Ukraine. We will make everything that the world learned about a real face of the Ukrainian power", - Shaymardanov told.

"We declare that to the country in which rules the antidemocratic government, the rights of indigenous people of the country are roughly violated, there is no place in the civilized world community and there is no place among the constitutional democratic states of the European Union", - he added.

The representative of public organization emphasized that the action of the Crimean Tatars before Cabinet of Ministers yet didn't lead to any results.

"Against participants of the action repressions began: militia raids in places of spending the night, phone calls with threats and requirements to stop an action, healthy young people with an army hairstyle started intimidating picketers dressed in civilian, to TV channels and journalists forbade to give information on an action", - he told.

Shaymardanov also reported that participants of the action held the first consultations in representation of the Council of Europe, addressed for support to known human rights activists.

According to him, the appeal to the governments of member countries of the European Union, in the UN, will be prepared for General assembly of the Council of Europe and other international organizations in the next few days.

Participants of the action hold posters in English: "Land - to people! ", "NO for genocide of Crimean Tatars! ", "The policy of the Cabinet of Ministers - is the policy of genocide! ", "1944-2009 - the genocide of Crimean Tatars continues! ", "15000 families have no houses ought to the Cabinet of Ministers! ", "Land conflicts in Crimea - the fault of the Cabinet of Ministers! ", "Ukraine + Genocide = Eurointegration? ? ? ".

It is known that the Crimean Tatars began protest action before the building of the Ukrainian government in the middle of April with the requirement to transfer the earth in the Crimea from the sphere of management of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of an agrarian policy and Academy of agrarian sciences to the sphere of management of local authorities for further transfer to the Crimean Tatars.

On April 15 the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko at meeting of the government charged to the minister of protection of surrounding environment Georgy Filipchuk to settle problem of the Crimean Tatars which picket the Cabinet building.


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