Theater - the diplomat and the bus - "spy": as the Nikolaev Russian dramatic theater went to Russia

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The Nikolaev art Russian drama theater finished 75-й a theatrical season. Anniversary. And already therefore, but not only, special.

Events there was much, and almost everyone - sign. Traditionally theatrical year opened a festival of the International Black Sea club "HOMO LUDENS" in which, except old residents, collectives from Turkey and Abkhazia for the first time took part. At a festival the Nikolaev theater presented to the prime minister - the play "Solar Night" of Nodar Dumbadze directed by the eminent Georgian director Georgy Kavtaradze.

At the beginning of a season the theatrical company replenished with the whole group of talented actors. Prestigious regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas the group of founders of the performance "Forest Song" on Lesya Ukrainka's play was awarded.

Last season became also a season of five premieres. And the next stage of reconstruction of the building of theater is still finished: the collective received a long-awaited rehearsal hall, production and service premises. But about one event which both a season finished, and the final end to it put, it is necessary to tell especially. It is a question of a trip of the Russian theater on the International Chekhovian festival.

For the first time the Nikolaev Russian theater visited the International theatrical festival in Russia in the homeland of A.P. Chekhov. The festival is held with 1980-го years in Taganrog. This year "internationality" was presented by Nikolaev theater. For collective which it isn't so frequent as it would be desirable, goes on tour, the trip abroad was the enterprise troublesome.

- In any activity movement is important, - the theater director Nikolay Kravchenko is sure, - for military it is maneuvers, for athletes - collecting, for actors - a tour. They have to feel not only the viewer, they has to "suffice fresh water", be in an extreme situation to approve in itself a profession and in it. Therefore each departure is the next examination on a theater maturity, its professionalism. The person working at theater, constantly is in expectation.After all the actor's profession can't be boring, everyday and sad. There was an opportunity, and I declare, - children, we go on a festival. The theater starts on - living to another, it on - to another moves, on - to another itself feels.

At the same time with that at a festival actors gather new experience, compare reaction of the viewer, are improved, the administration of theater checks "weak" places.

- It as a flood, - the director speaks, - if the dam broke through, at once it is clear where there was this weakest place.

The trip to Taganrog became really serious test. And "dam" broke through. And in that place on which initially also didn't reflect. "For a cordon" the troupe went on worldly-wise theatrical "MANHOLE". Nearly 800 kilometers to border of Ukraine
The 20-tiletny bus sustained without problems. Adventures began on the border.

Travelers - that passed through customs easily, and here the bus …, alas, I became responsible for their hours-long languor on border.

On the sun, without canopies, without toilets and without water staid, lay, passed, промаялись they 14(!) hours. On a question, whether there is here a toilet, customs officers answered - isn't present, a toilet in Russia. It, of course, is now remembered as something amusing, but then not to laughter was. In the same place it became clear, and it became clear on border that besides all documents it was necessary to have the license about the right for the international passenger traffic.

The license grant in Ministry of Transport therefore long communication of the theater director with customs, with Ministry of Transport began. Negotiations came to the end with a victory, - the license bought, the way is abroad open.

But the victorious mood spoiled bewilderment - why at paperwork in Nikolaev managements didn't report about obligatory existence of this license and in general, sensibly arguing, - what need for such license for single journey? Well it is questions to legislators who hardly when experienced similar difficulties.

And on the Russian border there was other problem. It appears, our transport has to be equipped with the special electronic device by means of which then it is possible "to read" a route. It is clear that such miracle of equipment on "MANHOLE" couldn't be established, and it is simple to theater to pull not in power financially.

So it was necessary to leave "the bus - the spy" at the Russian side, and to change the transport sent for us from Taganrog. As a whole, impression about procedure of crossing of border the nasty.Uncivilized, negligence to us at us and understanding, sympathizing - from them.

Perfectly treated guests from the next abroad and organizers of a festival, both the audience, and residents. Taganrog met excellent weather, pure small streets, abundance of greens and flowers, special hospitality of the small Russian city. By the way, ordinary opinion on it as about a provincial remote place it is absolutely not right. There is here something touching, kind, nostalgic. At the same time, it торгово - the industrial center with the population in 300 thousand people, with well organized modern infrastructure. Quite Europeanized town.

And to represent on court of the viewer in the city of Chekhov Chekhovian performance - business the extremely responsible. In total - the festival takes place within celebration 150 - the anniversaries since the birth of the great writer, and the viewer, has to be, is exacting and experienced. Suspicions about the viewer came true. - Ourselves bring up the viewer, - Anastasia Ustinova tells, the chief manager of the Taganrog medal of honor of drama theater of a name of A. P. Chekhov, - and it pays in gratitude. The real theater-goers will always call in theater, will specify that today represent who plays who puts performance.

By the way, that the viewer well-mannered, some details testify. At theater, for example, there is no buffet, it isn't accepted to entice here the people binge and snack. Don't declare an interval, - the viewer himself knows, in how many parts performance, and once again tactlessly to remind it about it.

The building of theater is built in classical style and from a facade reminds our Nikolaev theater. Though Taganrog "handsome" is more senior Nikolaev more than for a century.

The theater interior is interesting. As one actress told, it is similar to a pie, - almost round, with refined cream ornament from beds and orchestra seats. But relationship not only external.

- There is a feeling of a namolennost, - Nikolay Kravchenko speaks. - The special aura is felt, here love theater and love the viewer.

There is a similarity and between our cities: the kind lovely provincial abutment, isn't present a rhythm of the megalopolis which will sweep away everything on the way. In such city the person can stop and look in eyes. After all in big cities people go blindly, without seeing persons going nearby and towards. Pay attention, great writers a sort from small towns and settlements, - Chekhov, Tolstoy, Shukshin.

Nikolayevtsa showed at a festival the play - a joke "The management for wishing to marry" based on Chekhovian stories "Bear" and "Offer". If to judge on theatrical expression "the viewer votes feet", for theater from Ukraine vote by feet took place. In - the first, tickets were sold some days before display, and in a hall - the full notice. The viewer came. Moreover, tens audience saw all performance standing (!).

It was succeeded to communicate at a festival to the leading Turkish theatrical critic Asylyazydzhy Hayati who specially arrived to the city to display of the Nikolaev Russian theater. He noted that watched statement with the great pleasure, and even some derogations from classical treatment of work found organic and live. The comic moments added jokes, and game of actors differed typicalness and originality. "Your performance, - the critic noted, - showed that the festival is a game. It the viewer" wanted and received.

The head literaturno - drama part of the State Voronezh academic drama theater of Alexey Koltsov, the journalist and the theatrical critic Nikolay Timofeyev expressed the authoritative opinion on the Nikolaev vision of Chekhovian stories.

- It was fresh, cheerfully and it is very useful for health and health, - with all the heart to laugh over a trifling thing. Against other festival displays where there is a difficult dramatic art, the deep philosophy, in the Nikolaev representation isn't present a pronounced social okrashennost. But there is a well-aimed observation and grotesque for what destinies of people, important human problems are visible. And it sets thinking on life values. Very unexpected, bright and pleasant impression was made by director's finds. The interesting prolog, - in it is something Gogol, - a hyperbole of boundless Russia. The director focused attention on grotesque and contrast. It was to the taste. And as a whole, me it is joyful that Chekhov proceeds in Ukraine, this best testimony of its internationality.

The reverent attitude to Chekhov in Taganrog is noticeable everywhere. On the bigbordakh instead of annoying advertizing - Chekhovian quotes. For example: "I rejoice for the hometown making in recent years such outstanding cultural successes". Or: "Taganrog becomes beautiful. It will be convenient to live in it soon, and probably I will envy you".Than not social advertizing in patriotic spirit?

The sightseeing tour and, of course, visit of a lodge of Chekhov became one of the remarkable events of a trip. Here where you are surprised to contrast of modest life and greatness of the classic of the world literature. By the way, when Taganrog was occupied by Germans during the Great Patriotic War, command disposed to keep a lodge of Chekhov, didn't allow to destroy it.

On short travel nobody felt "abroad". Tours of the Nikolaev theater - continuation of the friendly relations with the Taganrog theater. They came to Nikolaev on a festival of the Black Sea club twice and showed worthy performances, - "Hamlet", "A kingdom of an animal".

Both performances, by the way, directed by Georgy Kavtaradze who put at us "Solar night".

- We prepare the normal soil for communication between people, - Nikolay Kravchenko is sure. - Here, the woman approached in cafe and speaks: "Why to us borders, I love Ukraine. It is a pity that us divided". And it is valid why at us look with suspicion when we cross border. After all we - that just also try to destroy certain negative tendencies which arise in connection with short-sighted policy. Also we destroy them by means of national diplomacy. Eventually, we destroy borders, we create positive image of Ukraine beyond its limits. Because people, having looked at performance, leave with positive emotions and they have subconsciously a thought that Ukraine, Nikolaev it is good.

… Home us let out without customs problems. For everything about everything spent no more than an hour. But the lessons received on a trip, administration of theater I acquired.

- We were convinced, - the director speaks, - that we can adequately represent Nikolaev, area, Ukraine, but the hardware doesn't allow to do it up to standard. We were compelled to bear humiliations because went as ragamuffins any as poor. And to us - that seemed that prepared the bus not bad: wheels new, painted beautifully, - laughs. - But when actors step on the stage when the viewer doesn't see our wrong side, we can show worthy result. And I, first of all, am grateful to team of actors and technical workers who showed firmness and understanding in these 14 hours at customs. This humiliation of the person, and I, unfortunately, took part in it.

Certainly, at such problems with transport and crossing of border it is possible not to leave on a tour. It is possible to close theater also.We will write off everything for crisis. But with what then we will remain?

Elena Ivashko


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