Deputies won't manage to copy the Constitution to presidential elections?

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Chairman of the Verkhovna RadaVladimir Litvinconsiders that deputies won't manage to make change to the Constitution to presidential election.

He told about it on Tuesday to journalists after a coordination board.

According to him, besides, that projects of changes in the Constitution have to be registered (with signatures of 150 deputies), they have to be transferred to profile committees and receive their conclusions.

"Therefore to think that it is the one-stage act - not seriously. The it is more that gravity of the moment of acceptance of changes in the Constitution consists that it is impossible to work with a method of cavalry attack. Therefore if it is elementary to observe the time limit, procedure doesn't allow to carry out to presidential election corresponding changes", - toldLitvin.

Making comments on failure of negotiations of BYuT and PR, Litvin noted that political forces weren't going to unite for the sake of overcoming of an economic crisis.

"Today it is obvious that nobody was going to carry out practical work to support the country and people, having combined efforts. As in the course of mutual recriminations in disorder of arrangements any question of the economic or social plan doesn't appear. And only it is a question that arrangements went to the last in search plan of guarantees from mutual change", - the speaker told.

"The conclusion arises one - will offer further that offered till this time, but already from other positions when the status" will exchange, - he added, hinting at presidential election.


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