Yushchenko: "Tymoshenko is obliged to run for president"

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PresidentVictor Yushchenkoconsiders that the prime minister - the ministerYulia Timoshenkoit is obliged to go on presidential elections.

He declared it in time a press - conferences, answering a question of Tymoshenko's statement of intention to stand on elections of the head of state.

"Today to speak about the one who goes in presidents is as "a feast among plague", - the president emphasized.

"Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko is obliged to go on elections. As the People's Deputy of BYuT fraction when there was the last disturbing meeting of fraction gave me information, Tymoshenko called two arguments why it is necessary to be with Party of Regions", - Yushchenko noted.

"If Yulia Vladimirovna, it from her words, goes on the general presidential elections, she loses. Therefore who has an immunity, have to understand that we should go to "shirka" to simulate a situation when the rights of the prime minister won't suffer, and to provide to Victor Fedorovich the right individually to appoint the head of SBU", - the president retold.

Yushchenko declared that doesn't consider necessary to answer and seriously to react to words about elections and future candidates.

"I already spoke about the intention. When time to me why I as the president has to arrive so will come to act, I will ask special a press - conference. I will explain what we have elections of that it is necessary to be careful at what I will speak to you honestly as the citizen of Ukraine", - the president assured.

"I don't want to repeat often, but don't worry where in the future there will be Yushchenko. Worry where you will be - in what state, in what society and with what sovereignty", - Yushchenko added.

Thus the president stated confidence that if behind shoulders of Ukrainians there was no 2004, today in the Verkhovna Rada there would be the constitutional revolution.


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