Tymoshenko regrets that the Maidan brought Yushchenko to power

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The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko regrets that Orange revolution brought to power of the president Victor Yushchenko.

She told about it during the press - conferences in Cabinet of Ministers, making comments on the statement of the president for possible bankruptcy of "Naftogaz" if campaign reforming isn't carried out.

The prime minister considers that "it is the next hysterics which has no under itself there are no facts and real circumstances". "This next forcing of a situation which destabilizes the country, loosens a financial condition of the country, loosens economy", - the prime minister declared.

"You simply imagine in any state, any that the president made such speeches. You understand, what the word of the president is capable or to build the country, or to destroy it because this word listens to the whole world? ", - I asked Tymoshenko.

""Naftogaz" has creditors, there are partners and after such statements of the president as you think how the credit rating of "Naftogaz" will behave, credit ratings of the country how the relation of investors will behave? ", - she noted.

"You understand, what it becomes consciously, what it becomes is planned? It is planned the country collapses, she is planned is destabilized", - the prime minister emphasized.

Tymoshenko expressed a regret that "orange revolution brought such leader to power".

Besides, she declared that "Naftogaz" will pump gas in UGS.

"Don't listen to any hysterics, faultfinding. I took in hand all system of supply of gas. Gas will be pumped", - the prime minister emphasized.


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