The president of Ukraine "ordered" to express publicly Garkushe the opinion of rather personnel policy of the government

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that today, on May 10, in Kiev the meeting of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with chairmen of regional public administrations, on

took place which there was also a governor of the Nikolaev areaAlexey Garkusha.

At a meeting questions of rather national discussion of the updated Constitution presented by the head of state, and also the block of economic problems rose.

During this meetingVictor YushchenkoI urged heads of areas to express publicly the opinion of rather personnel policy of the government in regions.

He emphasized that today in Ukraine vacant there are 80 positions of heads of regional public administrations, 66 positions of first deputy chairmen of RGA and 196 positions of deputy chairmen of RGA.Victor YushchenkoI reminded that it is possible to appoint chairmen of the district state administrations only on government representation.

"Those, candidates which are offered by the governor, isn't accepted in small offices of the government", - the President emphasized and added that "it not questions to the personality, is a question of exclusively party approach to formation of system of local government". The head of state expressed belief that if to these positions representatives of BYuT, "with any abilities" were offered, these vacancies would be filled "in days".Victor YushchenkoI noted that opposes appointments of officials on the basis of their political convictions.

"Me the political affiliation doesn't interest. Me that in the area the professional leader worked interests. Aren't necessary служаки, it isn't necessary to do of regional or regional administrations campaign headquarters of any political force", - the President told.

"If we have the government of empty chairs, I don't want that we turned local government into the power of empty offices", - notedV. Yushchenko.He asked heads of areas to analyse for ten days a situation in their regions and publicly to raise this question before the government.

It should be noted that to the governor Nikolayevsko


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