"Bild" withdrew articles about Lutsenko and disproved one offer

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The German Bild edition withdrew from the site materials about incident at the Frankfurt airport with participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and published denial of his son on information on identification in its blood of alcohol

in 3 per milles.

The member of "National self-defense" Ekaterina Lukyanova called the withdrawn articles "Bild" slanderous and declared that performance by the judgment newspaper "confirms once again custom-made character of publications in this boulevard newspaper".

"That representatives of the newspaper and the electronic Bild edition after judgments looked for any catches to avoid the denial publication, is not so much desire to save an edition face before eyes of readers, as expectation of that organizers of this provocation against Yury Lutsenko will protect the newspaper the authority", - she declared.

"It didn't occur. So, the real source of slander about Yury Lutsenko preferred to remain the unknown", - the deputy added.

According to Lukyanova, deputies of "National self-defense" intend to raise a question of the termination of activity of two temporary commissions of inquiry which were created for investigation of circumstances of incident with the assistance of Lutsenko.

Also in the message "National self-defense" it is noted that on June 6, 2009 according to the decision of trial chamber in affairs of the press of land court of Berlin by "Bild" published a denial on earlier placed materials about incident with Yury Lutsenko's participation.


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