The Nikolaev minibuses after midnight though won't turn into tykovka, but can cease to carry

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Today concerned passengers of a route No. 31 whom drivers warned that after 24.00 passenger traffic won't be carried out on request of GAI which employees forbid them to work after midnight addressed to us, referring to the relevant decision of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Drivers of a route No. 78 also reported about the same ban of GAI. Besides, as they approve, already some cars working at a route, GAI officers sent to a shtrafploshchadka for... work at night.

Passengers asked how now to get home if money for a taxi isn't present? Some of the calling were concerned by deterioration in this regard a criminogenic situation - tipsy youth instead of is silent - peacefully to get home, will be unsteady on the night city. The people found an explanation for such initiative of GAI officers itself and explained it... arrangement of GAI and taxi drivers which now at night the alternative won't be.

The mayor Vladimir Chaika whom we asked to comment on this "innovation", very much was surprised:

- It is nonsense and nonsense, about any such decision of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies I heard nothing.

Then we addressed in regional management of GAI. As reported a press - service UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, until the end of June in area there takes place the operation "Bus" therefore the close attention of staff of GAI is riveted on "marshrutochnik". In this regard actions of GAI officers concerning some night drivers as they consider, are lawful.

The driver leaving in the 6th mornings on a route, has to pass without fail technical and medical examination in the territory of the autoenterprise. And to have at itself documents with a mark about time of their passing. According to the labor legislation, it has to fulfill on a route no more than 8 - ми, at most - 12-ти hours.

And if it was stopped by the GAI officer, suppose, at 0 hours 1 minute as it happened to GAI complaining of an arbitrariness, finding of the driver on a route with passengers is Art. 126 violation p.1 and Art. 131-1 ч.8 КУоАП.The license is withdrawn from it, and the vehicle goes on a shtrafploshchadka.

So, the link to the decision of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies was someone's invention (and hardly drivers were inventors in this situation), but the question remains open: now in Nikolaev after midnight there comes monopoly of taxi drivers?


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