Nikolayevets Gennady Zadirko: Tymoshenko's promotion in presidents will be a big mistake

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"I warned more than once that the Party of Regions "will throw" BYuT even if arrangements will be guaranteed by heavenly force. To convince Yanukovych anyone could go to a demarche - both political strategists of a staff of party, and Yushchenko. However in negotiations of BYuT and Party of Regions on the coalition and the new Constitution I wouldn't put a point", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, nikolayevetsdeclaredGennady Zadirkoin interview to the newspaper "Now"


"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"phoned withGennady Aleksandrovichalso asked to comment on this statement in more detail.Gennady ZadirkoI noted that all told is its personal position. "Any member of our party can express the opinion", - declaredG. Zadirko.

He considers thatYulia Vladimirovnaalready I made a number of mistakes and if it goes" to presidential election is will be its next miscalculation. In his opinion, a situation can affect both "movements" in BYuTA, and external forces - other candidates for president. Especially People's Deputy pays attention onAnatoly Gritsenko, which, in his opinion, is the self-sufficient and strong politician.

We provide to your attention the text of interviewGennady Zadirko, which it gave the Internet - the newspaper "Now".

- Gennady Aleksandrovich how you reacted to Yanukovych's Sunday performance, what the coalitions won't be?

- I apprehended this news with pain. It became offensive for me for our political force and the leader. I had no doubts that negotiations of BYuT and Party of Regions will end with "kidok" even if arrangements will be guaranteed by heavenly force.

At parliamentary elections in 2006 I was the head of a campaign headquarters of BYuT in Donetsk region. Though I not from Donetsk, then understood mentality of Party of Regions. All forgot whom there was Yanukovych.As it is possible to expect from the person who "pinched" caps in Yenakiyevo, other acts. I can't understand why our leaders agreed to make a compromise with conscience, with themselves and with this person.

- Why members of the same party to you didn't listen?

- The authority of our leader is so great that Tymoshenko's words became the main argument in favor of "shirka". I think that for many byutovets "kidok" of regionals didn't become revelation. At heart they understood that it happens.

- Experts call many versions why "everything was gone". How you think who overpersuaded Yanukovych?

- Anyone could convince Yanukovych - both political strategists of a staff of Party of Regions, and the president Victor Yushchenko. Why to Victor Fedorovich to tempt destiny? It has good ratings, and he can become in public elected president, having the mandate of trust of all people, instead of 450-ти parliamentarians.

- Something is known to you of the age qualification (not less than 50-ти years) for candidates for president in BYuT and PR draft constitution?

- Yes, we spoke about it at fraction meeting. Yulia Vladimirovna with irony noticed that this norm was offered by Victor Fedorovich.

- Regionalka Anna Hermann declared that the Party of Regions will help parliament and the coalition to presidential election. Whether means it, what cooperation with Yanukovych isn't removed from the agenda?

- This statement - a technological course for public relations. The Party of Regions wants to look the constructive political force which makes all efforts for fight against crisis. But thus they don't bear any responsibility.

- The constitutional reform to presidential election is irrelevant now?

- To the Ukrainian politicians there can be anything. I in negotiations of BYuT and Party of Regions on the coalition and the new Constitution didn't put a point.

Attempts to copy the Constitution to remain in power, will be undertaken some more decades in a row while in the state there will be no democratic foundations and traditions.

- What is going to undertake BYuT for prevention of falling of ratings of Tymoshenko in the western areas?

- The BYuT ideological department will try to explain, "shirka" why was created. Whether there will be able to be we convincing - a big question.

BYuT suffered electoral losses from - for negotiations with Party of Regions. Disturbing calls that we have no understanding of system approach to development of party structure, arrived already from Ternopol, Ivano - Frankovsk and Lviv.

It is impossible to go in 2007 to people with the Ukrainian Break program, and in two years to forget about it and to create the wide coalition.

- What you see the future of the present coalition of "three"?

- We forced to worry enough our partners in the parliamentary majority, and our inconsistent position left a deposit. I don't think that at present someone leaves the coalition. Litvin's block precisely won't go to its disorder, and "Brownian" movement in WELL camp - NANOSECOND was, is and will be. To affect the coalition it not in force.

- Whether you when presidential election will take place can predict? It will be on January 17?

- This question wasn't discussed by fraction yet, but after a demarche of Party of Regions it makes no difference. From the point of view of stabilization of an economic and political situation, the earlier we will elect the president, the better.

- But after all Tymoshenko needs time for correction of mistakes...

- To Constitutions it is written that elections have to take place in January. Tymoshenko it is unprofitable to postpone date of elections to spring: to be chosen during a heating season - not the best option. Therefore the parliament also insisted on elections in October: to agitate more comfortably in warm weather, than in a January frost.

- Probably, what Tymoshenko remains the candidate for president from BYuT?

- The following nonsense which our political force after "shirka" creation can make today, is Yulia Vladimirovna's promotion by the candidate for president. It will strike the next blow to our political force and will be a mistake.

The sociology and society show that people were tired of three politicians: Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Tymoshenko. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a compromise, to look at the second echelon of politicians and to look for the candidate who could realize the BYuT program. It is only chance of BYuT to remain powerful political force.

- Whom from candidates of the second echelon BYuT can support?

- To me Anatoly Gritsenko and Sergey Tigipko are nice. These are self-sufficient and strong politicians who have a core.The candidate for president from BYuT optional has to be the member of our block. But my opinion in fraction can not support.

- How you consider, to presidential election new ministers to the place of left (Ogryzko, Ekhanurov, Pinzenik) will be appointed?

- Now it is possible to remove any minister, but to appoint new - it is problematic. Anybody trusts nobody. It seems to me that the Acting Ministers of Finance, defense and foreign affairs will work very long, and the present structure of the government "will be preserved" to presidential election.


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