The Nikolaev firm "Kredo" violated the arrangement with tsvetochnik and tomorrow wants to take the market storm

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Businessmen from the flower market on Spasskaya tomorrow morningexpect arrival of power structures, which have to disperse the market finally. It any more the first threat from firm "Credo", which applies for the earth under the current flower market.

Today, on June 10, representative of Kredo firm, deputy of the City Council from BYuT Vyacheslav Nikolaev, which, we will remind, I didn't want to call myself to the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", once again I suggested businessmen to sign the contract. Thus, according to the contract, Kredo firmit isn't obligedto build the temporary building for trade, about what agreed earlier. Besides,the rent sum isn't stated in the contract. It is designated in addition to the contract, but to show this addition to tsvetochnik the Kredo firm necessaryI didn't count. Nevertheless, I exposed claims: don't sign - tomorrow we will disperse you.

Here so dealers would sign the contract, and tomorrow would learn that have to pay to the lessor one million a month. Thus in the contract it is specified: "the guilty party indemnifies the loss caused to these, including the missed benefit for violation of conditions of this contract in the order provided by the current legislation". Then you won't be able to pay one million a month - compensate the missed benefit.

Tsvetochniki, naturally, such contractdidn't sign. They suggested it to add. Among offers - to distribute trade places among 14 businessmen who now trade in the flower market; the rent makes 1 000 thousand hryvnias without utilities; period of validity of the contract - three years, etc.

"Credo" I didn't react to remarks of tsvetochnik. Moreover, businessmen say that already signed the notification of militia that can be violently dispersed.

Permission to trade activity to tsvetochnik still didn't prolong. And for extension, businessmen speak, from them demand on 1 500 hryvnias (while usually they pay for resolution about 50 hryvnias extension).

- Everything that spoke in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies at general meeting, - a lie, - businessmen from the flower market speak.

People already considerably were tired, they are in a constant nervous tension. Every night someone from them is on duty in the market. Firm "Credo" already I unloaded on trading logs, businessmen various services to which "someone" told that they steal the electric power, water and another that, by the way, wasn't confirmed checked.

Tomorrow expect the next fight. Tsvetochnik aren't going to leave from the market.

Deputy from Party of Regions Pyotr Zibrov, which I assured tsvetochnik that the situation can be solved, probably, I forgot about the promises. And other deputy of the City Council from BYuTA compels people to sign the contract blindly.

To whom are such deputies necessary?


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