The Nikolaev students who pass labor practice in the European Union countries, complain that them exploit

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Work of the Ukrainian students abroad sometimes use illegally, declares the Ministry of Internal Affairs about what has the corresponding statements. Employment of students from Ukraine in EU countries should be settled legislatively, guards are convinced.

The deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Evdokimov declared that in the Ministry of Internal Affairsthere are statements for illegal use of work of students in the European countries. According to him, students of agrarian educational institutions under the guise of practice send to work in EU.According to the guard, it can happen by agreement to the management of higher educational institutions, "The German wave" reports.

In Ministry of Internal Affairs Department on fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking, confirmed that there are addresses from students with such complaints. Statements arrive from the Kherson, Nikolaev and Poltava areas: "In cases when complain, the situation looks in such a way that under the guise of practice abroad gather groups and work at seasonal works", - the adviser to the minister Ekaterina Levchenko speaks.

As told "to Crime. There is" no student of the Nikolaev agrarian university Denis who did practical training in Ireland, the special department of universitywas engaged in paperwork (there to students offer practice in England, Denmark and Ireland).Photos were shown to students and working conditions in which it will be necessary to work are explained. Went on farms - for seasonal works more often - where it was possible to earn more.

- Yes, when there is a harvesting, it is clear, it is necessary that to work and much, but sometimes happened that week could have a rest.Went according to student's programs, there on a place there are organizations which control working conditions of students, to all of us provided consultations and coordinates, it was possible to resolve all issues on a place. Carried out questioning, learned, how to us working conditions, accommodation, the employer.

Employment of students from Ukraine in EU countries should be settled at the level of the legislation, guards are convinced.Levchenko notes, for today in the legislation of Ukraine seasonal works for students aren't provided. There is only a practice abroad which processes are settled by the legislation and bylaws.Now create the working group as a part of representatives of different departments to prepare modification of the legislation on education.

Levchenko is sure:"The Ukrainian students are interested to work abroad. They seek to pass there and to practician. But it isn't necessary to use them for enrichment".Under the law, on practice students of any course, except the first and the last can leave. First-year students most often minors, and students of a last year can decide to remain in the European Union countries on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE.


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