Yushchenko wants to raise tariffs for gas that Tymoshenko wasn't sweet

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PresidentVictor Yushchenkoplaces emphasis on need of increase of tariffs for gas.

He declared it on Thursday at meeting on questions of a financial situation of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, reports the UNIAN.

Yushchenko considers that the low payment discipline of all consumers of gas within the country is the main reason of critical condition of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy.

"There is a key question: why we have such discipline of calculations? The global reason is the interbudgetary relations are ignored. Tariffs for the corresponding services, at least, have to answer prime cost level. Unfortunately, that tariff which is today, doesn't cover prime cost more than for 60%", - the president declared.

Yushchenko emphasized that since the beginning of year non-payments of the TKE enterprises increased by 3,8 billion UAH, and the gas price for municipal requirements is 4,5 times less than the cost of gas which is bought in Russia.

"I would like that the prime minister - the minister, the Minister of Finance, economy understood that if they want to be such sweet, they have to finance the sweets generously. You want to have the administrative price - please, to the national company compensate this gap (gas prices). It is impossible to declare the prices which result in bankruptcy of the company", - the president told.

Thus he noted that it is necessary to raise a tariff for gas use for people who have high material well-being.

"If we don't come to policy let through tariffs to compensate the price of this gas of the national company, this gas (that is got in Ukraine), dear, gas in Ukraine will be extracted by the Russian company", - Yushchenko declared.

Summarizing performance on this subject, the president emphasized that the problem has to be solved with non-payments within 10 days.


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