To Mintranssvyaz reports that didn't call the list of the airports to which investments to Euro-2012 are necessary. If it is lie and provocation, the Nikolaev airport again in flight.

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The statement a press - Mintranssvyaz services concerning definition of the list of objects transport - a road complex to Euro-2012:

"Within June 9-10 among mass media there was a message with reference to the Internet - the Now edition about the approval of the list of objects to Euro-2012 which need in attraction of investments.

In the message distributed by mass media there is a speech that Mintranssvyaz defined and published the list of branch objects to Euro-2012 on which realization involvement of investors is necessary. In particular, mass media note, it seems, already certain and volumes of necessary investments:

"the list provided attraction of investments to seven main airports: Lviv airport (144 million UAH), Kiev airport (355 million UAH), Borispol airport (3 billion UAH), Dnepropetrovsk airport (464 million UAH), Donetsk airport (381 million UAH), Odessa airport (755 million UAH), Kharkov airport (436 million UAH). Besides, on arrangement of seven reserve airports (Gostomel, Ivano - Frankovsk, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Lugansk) 357 million UAH" are provided.

The special alarm is caused by that fact that mass media submit these data with reference to a press - Mintranssvyaz service, thoughpress - by service such informationwasn't distributed neither in the form of the official statement, nor as comments to separate mass media.

Press - the service of Mintranssvyaz notes that by results of UEFA Executive committee meeting which took place on May 13 in Bucharest, the Executive committee of UEFA made the following decision concerning the cities which accept Euro-2012:

- to approve Kiev as the city of carrying out matches of a group stage, a quarterfinal (чвертьфиналов) and a semi-final;

- the final of Euro-2012 will pass in Kiev only if local stadium, the airport, transport and hotel infrastructure will meet the caused requirements till November 30 in 2009;

- for this moment not to approve Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkov by the cities of carrying out matches of a group stage of Euro-2012, and to provide them term till November 30 in 2009 to bring stadium, the airport, transport and hotel infrastructure into compliance with the caused requirements of UEFA;

- not to approve Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa by the cities which will accept Euro-2012, and not to leave behind them the status reserve.

Being guided by the official statement of the UEFA Executive committee, the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine together with the interested structural divisions of the Ministry it is developed and given to the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine of the offer on modification to Addition 2 of the State target program of preparation and carrying out in Ukraine to final part of the European championship of 2012 on the soccer, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine No. 107 of 22.02.2008.

Noted draft of offers will define the final list of tasks, actions, volumes and financing sources, in particular, in it the list of the relevant activities which will be carried out at the expense of the raised funds (investments) will be defined also. Noted offers aren't approved now, them is planned to consider at Government meeting.

Considering all above, spread information concerning definition of the final list of investment objects of preparation for Euro-2012 notis reliable, especially - regarding financing of the airports of the cities of Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, after all noted cities aren't approved by the accepting or reserve cities of Euro - 2012.

Mintranssvyazcalls representatives of mass media who distributed this message, to disprove it and further to check information".


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