Kuchma: Yulya "threw" Yushchenko who could give guarantees to Yanukovych twice?

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He told about it in interview to the newspaper "The left coast", answering a question that, probably, at association BYuT and Party of Regions of business in the country took a turn for the better.

"Yes after all not of affairs thought when conceived, order, interrupted, renewed and again whether interrupted, whether stopped negotiations on this coalition! ", - Kuchma told.

"If wanted to fight against crisis who it prevented to adopt basic anti-recessionary laws amicably? Who disturbs today? ПРиБЮТ initially I was the deadborn child of naive cheap politics", - he added.

"And it is pure on - worldly? Unless so people who spoke all the time to Yanukovych were wrong: "Stop, don't hurry, think! "? Words of a known song: "Where you head? ", - the president continued.

"Yulia already "threw" Yushchenko twice. Who could give a guarantee, what Yanukovych doesn't become the following? ", - he explained.

On the remark that ex-the president Leonid Kravchuk "for the wide coalition the mountain", Kuchma answered: "From all this invention there will be only this strange word: "shirka".

"I am sure that Leonid Makarovich not worse me understands that at this historical stage the president, the electee not in public, and unofficially, is anybody and to call him in any way", - the president explained.

"Hold up as an example Germany. Perhaps in half a century and Ukraine to such state will ripen. Germany went to present system of the power through occupation by winners in World War II, through the Plan of Marshall, through the censorship entered by winners, a ban of political activity", - Kuchma noted.

"According to the plan of Marshall she received a lot of things. And after all anybody gives nothing to us more likely on the contrary, tries to drag off that badly lies. Add to it absence in Ukraine of ideological parties, a bureaucracy celebration, weakness of real civil society", - the president emphasized.

On a question that "domination of bureaucracy began if not at Kuchma, and not at Yushchenko", Kuchma answered: "Especially, the full-fledged president is necessary gradually to weaken this domination".

"Both backwardness, and poverty of Ukraine too began not at Kuchma. I won't die of modesty.But you won't dare to call me the boaster if I tell that accepted the country with ten thousand percent of inflation, and handed over - with operating space отрасл


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