Kravchuk: Creation of "shirka" was prevented by ambitions and Yushchenko

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The ex-the president Leonid Kravchuk considers that creation of the coalition of BYuT and Party of Regions was prevented by personal ambitions of leaders of these forces and the president Victor Yushchenko.

"Those who participated in negotiations between BYuT and PR, interests of the Ukrainian people, and own interest interested not", - he told in interview Лига.net.

"Therefore the subject was main - as the power will be divided: the president what remain with the government as will divide Cabinet of Ministers - a coma the economic block and to whom humanitarian will get what powers. Didn't divide. It is the main and main reason. That is ambitions", - were explained by him.

According to Kravchuk, "the initiator of these of all negotiations I was, naturally, Yulia Vladimirovna (Tymoshenko)". He repeated that "personal ambitions, own interests, interests of the power, interests of a chair - became above interest of an exit of Ukraine from crisis".

Kravchuk answered a question of the one who prevented creation of the wide coalition: "President Victor Yushchenko. He told that invited Yanukovych and something to him such told that Yanukovych right there refused idea of the wide coalition".

"Here that he told it - I don't know it, he didn't share. But the president, to my deep regret, constantly makes decisions which consolidations don't promote. It appears, he most of all is afraid of the wide coalition", - the president added.

Thus Kravchuk confirmed that long ago supports idea of creation of the wide coalition, "association of all constructive forces of parliament".

The president considers that the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych made the decision on an exit from negotiations on the eve of the Trinity, "but presented all to voters so that, it seems, already everything comes to the end and suddenly - like a bolt from the blue! ".


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