The new ambassador of the Russian Federation will bring "recommendations" about the president of Ukraine?

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The head of BP committee on foreign affairs Oleg Bilorus doesn't exclude that the new ambassador of Russia in Ukraine will bring with himself recommendations of the Russian Federation concerning candidates of the Ukrainian president, the prime minister and the head of the Verkhovna Rada.

He declared it in interview to journalists on Friday.

"Election campaign will begin actually since September. There will be before a preparatory period", - the deputy noted.

"If in the middle of October there arrives the new ambassador, he will bring with itself(himself) the new tasks, new positions of rather Russian relations and, probably, new orientations on candidates to positions and the president, and the prime minister - the minister, and the head of the Verkhovna Rada", - he added.

Thus, according to Bilorus, the corresponding recommendations won't be carried out openly.

"It will be hidden behind procedures, behind the protocol and behind other mechanisms of diplomatic service", - he explained.

The Belarusian also stated expectation that a position of Russia concerning Ukraine which will be brought by the new ambassador, "will be neutral - benevolent and won't be formulated in a mode of pressure upon Ukraine".

"I think that it will be the person professional which well knows Ukraine. Some say that it can be Karasin (the first deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation) or people who well knows business in Ukraine", - the deputy noted.

"In any case, it will be a figure with the high status and the big mandate because the program of its activity quite big, the perspective - very difficult, and is no time to study it here. Therefore he has to be prepared and well informed on new Ukrainian policy of Russia", - Bilorus added.

It is known that on Thursday the president of Russia I released Victor Chernomyrdin from a position of the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine. At the same time Dmitry Medvedev appointed Chernomyrdin the adviser for questions of economic cooperation with the countries - participants of the CIS.


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