"Tatyana Demchenko, show the fifth column": why the chairman of a regional council congratulated all on Day of Russia?

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Today, finishing extraordinary 29-й session of the Nikolaev regional council, itthe chairman Tatyana Demchenko congratulated on behalf of session the Russian people, the leaders of the state, diplomatic mission in the person of the Consul general of the Russian Federation in Odessa Alexander Grachev on Day of Russia.

She reported that citizens aren't alien to the majority brotherly feelings on the relation in the neighbour's state, and, without looking at some differences of opinion of some nikolayevets, we should remember history, cultural wealth and common interests.

Some "regionals" gave a standing ovation - so were delighted to a holiday, and someone from journalists quietly for fun asked Tatyana Demchenko to show the fifth column (nationality). And in end, upon termination of session when the Anthem of Ukraine played - rose all. Without looking at views and prejudices.


In 1994 the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin the decree attaches on June 12 the state significance - Day of adoption of the declaration on the state sovereignty of Russia.

The document was signed four years earlier at the first congress of People's Deputies of RSFSR in conditions when the former republics of the Soviet Union one for another became independent. Later for its simplicity began call simply the Independence Day. By the way, on June 12 besides "independence" it is the country I found the first in public elected president.

Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin - the first president of the Russian Federation

Anyway, this day was interpreted in the people on - to a miscellaneous. The first attempt to create the main state holiday which would mark a reference mark of a modern history of Russia, looked a little clumsy. Polls of the population of those years clearly demonstrated total absence of understanding at Russians of an essence of this holiday. For the majority on June 12 was in simply next day off when it is possible to go where - нибудь to rest or on giving to work on beds. First many even tried to get for work.In the cities of Russia mass festivities, of course, were held, but special scope wasn't observed.

In the performance of 1998 Boris Yeltsin tried to stop once and for all idle talks round June 12, having suggested to mark out him as


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