Immorality lesson for the olshanskikh of school students

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2,4 million hryvnias are spent, and the school promised by businessmen, in the settlement of Olshansk both wasn't, and isn't present

"It doesn't concern you! "

The address to "NB" of representatives of parental committee of Olshansky comprehensive high school couldn't but call to the road. The indignant inhabitants reported that else in September, 2006 the building of school is officially recognized as the emergency. "And unsuitable for operation, - it was spoken in the letter. - In due time, using unskilled work of prisoners by Olshanska IK, builders allowed a number of technical errors which proved after 30 years of operation. In order to avoid accident by the regional power the decision temporarily to use under school the buildingwas madelocal hostel.

But, as they say,there is nothing more constant, than temporary.The former first graders already passed into the fifth class, and the destiny of school still isn't defined.

Whether it is necessary to say, what, huddling in the unadapted room of a hostel, both children, and pedagogical collective test huge inconveniences?Small audiences, low ceilings, lack of elementary sanitary conditions - ventilation, lighting, - do process of training almost impossible. From - for lack of a dining room pupils of elementary school are deprived of hot meals. Children are compelled to be engaged in two changes - lessons come to an end late evening …

In 2007 - the m for the solution of it, perhaps, the most painful for our settlement of a question, considered three options. The first assumed renewal of work of emergency school on 300 pupils after carrying out the corresponding repair, the second - construction of new school on 600 student places and, at last, the third option - reconstruction of the building of idle kindergarten under school on 350 student places with gym and dining room completion. We hoped that the regional and regional power will choose the most optimum option which will correspond to interests of children and parents: will construct new school. But not here - that was - the project was too expensive and demanded more than 12 million UAH,which neither in state, nor in the local budget it didn't appear.

To surprise of parents, the most unpromising option - school reconstruction was chosen from the former kindergarten "Strumochok". It is excessive to say that on the planning this child care facility a little than differs from a present hostel - the same narrow corridors, ladder flights. Besides, some classes are calculated by the reconstruction project on 12-17 student places while the average number of pupils in a class fluctuates from 25 to 30. Where to put the others? But main is a building will be able to contain only 350 pupils, so, completely the problem won't manage to be solved - elementary school (1-4 classes) and it is necessary to huddle in a hostel.

Money was: enterpriseThe "Yugtsement", working at the territory of Olshansky settlement council,helped the settlement. Under the contract of social partnership for development of infrastructure it is the enterprise allocated 600 thousand euros. Still on September 9, 2007 between the customer of construction of JSC Yugtsement, the general contractor of JSC Garuda and the owner of a construction object at that time Olshansky settlement council signed the general contract …"

"Since then construction, seemingly, so plainly also didn't begin, - the indignant inhabitants of the settlement wrote to edition. - One and a half years building was actually frozen - the contractor couldn't get permission from inspection state architecturally - construction control (GASK) for carrying out construction works. What our surprise when in the regional press signed by deputies of regional council there was information was that on object there are at full speed construction works, and the contractor already used the lion's share of the allocated funds - 450 thousand euros! As well as where these means, before us, naturally were spent, nobody reported. To us speak that we didn't stick the nose in this business - us it doesn't concern! But whether we can stand aside when business concerns health and education of our children! ? ".

"Fontanel" of money

Frankly speaking, going to Olshanskoye's settlement, to us it was believed hardly that good intentions of the investor can turn back a headache for inhabitants of the settlement. After all construction of school was carried out not at public expense, and for means of the private capital. The main shareholder of JSC Yugtsement is the German company Dyckerhoff, and Germans, as we know, people zealous and money isn't wasted.

Many pinned hopes for settlement revival on arrival of the foreign investor, and construction of school was one of the first promises given by new owners of plant. In the spring of 2007 between JSC Yugtsement, regional council and regional administration the social contract on partnership within which were going to carry out kindergarten reconstruction "Strumochok" to comprehensive school was signed. Similar contracts work in all regions of area where large investors use natural resources of a territorial community. Usually, according to the Ukrainian legislation, the tenth part from the enclosed volume of means in any business - the project, be - that development of a pit or a land acquisition, the social partner undertakes to direct on the sharpest needs of the local settlement …

Alas, having visited last Thursday Olshanskom, we were convinced that suspicions of parental committee in a tightening of construction aren't so groundless. At the time of our visit the building of the former kindergarten lonely was empty: construction works there weren't conducted. Separate cases were in so deplorable state that, appear, they by miracle escaped after a raid of enemy aircraft.

Locals shrug shoulders: for the two-year period of any revival on building they didn't observe. On object workers appeared seldom and special diligence didn't differ. So at olshanets to whom the correspondent of "NB" managed to talk, the opinion concerning reconstruction of a kindergarten developed unambiguous - anybody doesn't hurry to build school.

Ponder,the general contractor got permission to carrying out construction works only 1,5 years later after the conclusion of the contract of the general contract - in March of this year. According to the chief of inspection of GASK in the Nikolaev area Valentin Vozchikov, for all this period builders could perform only insignificant works which would allow to keep the building: to repair a roof that there were no zatekaniye, to plaster the building, to replace windows. About any full-scale construction works couldn't be and speeches.

Than so long idle time is caused? Why in time builders didn't start works, the project wasn't made, state examination isn't taken place? The intelligible answer to these questions to us didn't manage to be received - someone as if on purpose confused everything.

Main "the ideological inspirer" and the convinced supporter of implementation of this project - the Nikolaev regional council in the person of deputies - regionals - blames for all troubles of the chairman of Olshansky settlement council who at the time of signing of the contract of the general contract acted as the owner of object. Pier, from - for Ivan Kvas's sluggishness kindergarten reconstruction also was slowed down: in time technical documentation on construction wasn't issued, the certificate on the object property right in bureau of technical inventory, etc. wasn't ordered. For this reason at the general contractor and "hands" were tied: from - for absence of necessary documents the firm couldn't make the project and coordinate it in "Ukrgosinvestekspertiz".

At settlement heads other opinion. Ivan Kvas (it why - that refused flatly to speak at the included dictophone) assured of conversation with the correspondent of "NB" that was compelled to sign the contract as "as the fates decree" I was at that time the owner of object. But construction of school is not competence of settlement council.

- Building of such serious object as the school is a care of the state, instead of settlement council. We, by the way, in the territory of council have many objects on which are absent the registration certificate and the certificate on the property right. On production of these documents considerable money is required … In April of this year we transferred the building to fixed assets of regional council. Now this local government is responsible for construction of school.

But the fact remains, while local councils were engaged in pulling of a blanket and divided among themselves responsibility, JSC Garuda already managed to leave money of the investor - the first tranche is almost mastered. From 450 thousand euros transferred by JSC Yugtsement, on accounts of the contractor remained only … 405 thousand hryvnias. Under acts as reported settlement the head, it is closed by firm nearly 2,5 million UAH

Contractors don't choose

The head of fraction of regionals in Nikolaevsk regional council Alexander Golyan on an iota doesn't doubt success of this project. He not only doesn't see obstacles to completion of works, but also considers that indignations in the people are caused artificially and favorable to only small small group of parents - turncoats who aren't ready to listen to "sober arguments".

- I don't see a problem, - the deputy is sure.- Yes, for various reasons settlement council couldn't pull this project. Now, when the regional council took this building on balance, that поссовет did years was made in a month. The project is executed, examination is taken place, permission ГАСКа is got. The contractor on the funds allocated by the investor bought materials, 101 windows are established, communications are brought to the building. Everything is supported with financial documents. Soon the investor will list the second tranche in 150 thousand euros. By September, I believe, two cases of school will be already put in operation. Owners of plant are interested in further cooperation and, I believe, will finance all amount of works in 10 million UAH. Negotiations on this occasion are conducted.

Thus the deputy didn't failto warn the public against too importunate attention to an expenditure of means.

- People don't understand that it not their money, and money of the investor. And only he has the right to demand the report on their use. This own business of two subjects of managing - JSC Yugtsement and JSC Garuda.

On a question of the correspondent of "NB" why the contractor is this firm, instead of any another, A. Golyan answered that on it there was only a will of the investor. The deputy didn't hear about this organization, and, probably, would prefer cooperation with other firm …

Without experience of construction

For certain Alexander Viktorovich dissembled. A coma - a coma, and to the main regional of regional council has to know the colleagues on the party line. After all one of cofoundersOpen company, according to data from the unified state register of legal entities, too it is elected the deputy from this party, however, in other local government - the Nikolaev city council. We won't tell the name of this influential businessman as it is a little known to the ordinary reader. However we will dare to assume what exactly the party factor became defining at a choice of the partner of JSC Yugtsement. After all, as we know, deputies - regionals, having the vast majority in regional council, most of all stood up for implementation of the project on kindergarten reconstruction in school. They now, having accepted on balance the building, received also complete control over construction process.And how to explain that fact, what the firm which is unknown in the construction market becomes a general contractor at construction of school (!)?

What represents JSC Garuda? According to the Internet, this enterprisedeveloped career in the Elanetsky area, transported freights, was engaged in engineering, and here about construction - words.

By the way, and the director of JSC Garuda Alexander Gubenko recognized that it is the first large object which construction the firm undertook. Whether will pull?

But, probably, school construction for owners of JSC Garuda not end in itself. There are any more essential interests. For this reason probably and the general contract was made so that in mutual settlements between "Yugtsement" and "Garuda" the third party couldn't interfere. After all more controlled scheme of interaction of social partners is widespread in other regions of area. As a rule, the investor doesn't participate neither in a choice of the general contractor, nor in calculations with it. It is care of local government into which account the investor only transfers funds under the contract of social partnership.

Chairman NikolayevskoyRGA Alexander Bizhan reported that parallel to reconstruction of kindergarten design of absolutely new school will be conducted.

- We support intentions of the investor to continue reconstruction: if funds are allocated, it is necessary to master them. But at the same time we will find opportunities to design new standard school on bigger quantity of places. And when we will make the project and it will be clear, how many it will cost, we will look for financing sources, from which the budget and sponsor's means will be main.

The new schoolis necessary

The situation which has developed round Olshansky school, extraordinary. Whenproblem notdecides because of shortage of means - business as though habitual:brains are, but where without money?And here on the contrary:and money is, but as it appeared, with another trouble:both with brains, and with conscience, morals, moral. Long-awaitedthe fantastic rain from the eurobanknotes, dropped out of a foreign purse on the dried olshansky earth, didn't reach the purpose, having got inunforeseen vortex streams.Whether unforeseen?

And olshansky school students wait and hope that uncles with the thick purses, riding prestigious foreign cars, deputies and officials from the power, at last,will begin to see clearly and will understand that the village without school of the future has no, and that its construction not so that object on which it is possible to earnmoney.

"The Nikolaev Business"


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